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Spirit Filled September!

It has been such a great month! Lots of readings and prepping for the Italy retreat. If you didn't know I am hosting a retreat in Umbria Italy next month. It's crunch time and Im thrilled about it. Ive learned a ton this month about patience and gratitude. Within my readings I have even blown myself away.

I read for a lady this month and I kept seeing lemons as a symbol. I had no idea what it meant or how to deliver it. So I just blurted it out. Your husband in spirit was showing me lemons. I think he is saying, when life gives you lemons make lemonade. She laughed and then teared up. The women looked at me and grinned. She then told me the only thing she ever drinks is lemonade. It's her favorite and her husband knew it. I felt blessed and so grateful in that moment. Spirit never gives up on us even when I get the message a bit twisted. They are always around us.

If you feel compelled and would like to tell others about your experience please write a review on google and facebook. Spread the cheer and hope that spirit connection can give.

Write your review with this link! Or google Gina Scarpino psychic reviews

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