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Gina Scarpino

Psychic Medium & Spiritual Life Coach 


Gina has dedicated her life to uplifting the spirits of others. One by one she has created a “Tribe.” They are society of spiritual people that empowers each other to discover their souls and become who they are. 


Gina was working full time as a hairdresser and makeup artist in a well established salon in Louisville KY. She was at the top of her industry with a decade of clientele and career exploding experience doing hair and makeup for a national television show. It was when she thought she finally made it to the top, she received her true calling. 


Learning to be with clients in the hair business one on one, connecting to their needs and unexpressed wants, helped Gina feel comfortable from the beginning giving readings. 


Her bucket list certification in teaching yoga diminished her stage fright. She now enjoys speaking in front of large groups and demonstrating her mediumship gifts to audiences.


During her psychic an mediumship development she longed for a teacher to help guide her. She sought out medium after medium for readings, only for the opportunity to ask at the end if they would help her. After hundreds of dollars lost, she swore that if she ever got in place to guide others like herself she would. 


It wasn't long after those words left her lips her business was created. Teaching started then groups readings and private one on one sittings filled her calendar. She even was getting phone and Skype sessions booked from other states and countries. Then the teaching began.


She found that other mediums were being drawn to her for readings and lessons. That she was becoming the “Medium’s Medium.” So she started creating workshops around spiritual development and psychic sciences. Everything she had learned from the all the spiritual teachers along her path and The Arthur Findley College was melted together and teaching it came quite easy to her.


Gina has a genuine gift connecting to the other side as well as connecting to your soul. She naturally can connect you to passed loved ones and give accurate future possibilities for decisions you are struggling with or to find out what unique gifts you have within yourself. She has a down to earth yet compassionate way to help you in the unfoldment of your true self.

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