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Waiting for Inspiration

Over the past month I had feeling this immense excitement that something big was coming by December 24. I had such good feelings that I was going to receive something huge. News by mail or a big opportunity. I couldn't wait for that energy to come my way. I know we have all felt these feelings. But, what happens when that date comes and goes and nothing happens. Did you miss the window? Did you do something to throw off the date? What happened?

It could be that I was longing for something big to change my life and bring me joy. As I type that I realize that, it is exactly that. I've learned over the years that help isn't on the way and I make my own rescues. I didn't need rescuing I needed inspiration. Italians are very passionate people. We love hard, fight hard, and work hard. In early November I had decided I was going to finally write a book on Intuition. My start date goal was November 1st. I actually started mid October, so I had kept my end of bargain. I'm working through writing chapter by chapter. I still felt like I was missing something.

Every January I begin a manifesting challenge! It helps me help others dial into what they really want. It also helps me get centered as well. I have created a life that is really enjoyable to live. I get up drink coffee while its still hot! Ease into my day. Work out for about an hour, which is my favorite part of day. I love working out, always have. Then I start my work day of readings and teaching. I am obsessed with what I do because it is what comes naturally to me. I am a channel of guidance from your God, angels, and guides. When I started thinking about what I wanted for this year all I kept thinking was time and peace. I had to dig deeper. What did that mean? Time and peace can mean so many things. It came down to writing. I wanted a slow paced life to write as much as I wanted. Time to write my book and time to connect with those through my writing.

I used to blog all the time. Then when social media came through full storm I changed over to doing all videos. People wanted a quick fix and just wanted to know their future. I gave it to them! But, when my soul started talking to me this month, I heard I needed to write again. I've been a writer my whole life. Well maybe since I was a young a teen. I started journaling my thoughts and it always made me feel better. Now journaling is huge piece of what I teach in every class or workshop. The truth will set you free, right?

I needed inspiration and direction for manifesting things in my life. Let's be honest, I have a great life. I have a positive mindset, a great community for others to connect and learn, a magical home life with the love of my life, two kids that make me laugh everyday, loving parents and siblings, my extended family is blast, a god mother that never fails me, my soul sister group of close friends, and two dogs that I adore. That is only a few of my many blessings.

What more could I want? I remember hearing a song lyric by Sheryl Crow. "Its not having what you want, but wanting what you've got." So that is where I started with manifesting for this year. I want to enhance what I already have. Have more present moments with my family and enjoy them. Be there for my team at the Spirit Spa. Then the golden nugget! My golden nugget is to write. Write for me because I love it so much. Teach through my words. Express that I've been there where you are, searching for something more meaningful in your life.

What makes your soul sing? Don't think about what you don't have. Start with what you have that you want to keep. Then ask yourself this question: What feeling do I want to have going into this next year? Come up with one or two words. After you choose your two feeling words discover what will bring that into your life. If you are looking for love, how can you bring more love into your life or how can you be more loving? If money is something you want, ask yourself how you can be inspired to do so. Dig deep into what your soul wants, let go of your ego...dream big my friends and trust the universe is going to help you!




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