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A Bad Experience With A Medium...

I had a full day of readings Monday. I started at 9am and ended at 7pm. Im not going to lie, halfway through I got anxious that I would not be able to sustain my energy and spirit connection. Guess what? I rocked it. My readings were just as meaningful in the evening then when I was fresh that morning.

I had an interesting experience with one of my readings. Of course my readings clients are confidential and I would never give the name of the person. This story is important to tell.

As I read for her I told her about a time in her life, in the next 1-2 years. I saw her taking some time off from work to focus on her spiritual awakening. I saw an Eat Pray Love kind of thing where she traveled and had spiritual deep experiences. Her soul was changing and needed more meaning.

The sweet kind beautiful women confessed, half way through, she was nervous about receiving a reading. This is a normal thing for me to hear by the way. She explained that she had gotten four readings prior to me that had left her in tears. The last reading she had, it was very upsetting and recent. I obviously inquired what had upset her so much and did the information have to do with her husband?

She immediately said, “Yes.” They all told me that I was going to go through a divorce from my husband. I looked at her and explained that Mediums can be wrong. Especially if you go to the wrong Medium for you.

You see there are different types of people that match up with different types of Mediums. There are Mediums that don't have a high moral or ethical standard which gives them a low vibration, amongst other reasons. A low vibration of energy just means it wont be a positive uplifting experience. So when you are a positive happy high vibration person and you see a low vibration negative Medium, you'll leave feeling worse than when you walked in. I explained all of this to her. Then I asked if it would be okay to ask her a couple questions.

I asked the pretty lady in front of me if a close friend or relative is going through a divorce currently. Her eyes got wide and said, “Why yes.” I replied, “Well its one of two things. The other psychics and Mediums were picking up on your relative going through a divorce or it will be true for you. I honestly feel its about your relative.”

It’s only through experience that I know not everything I feel has to do with the person in front of me. I taught her how energy works. When you are a Medium or very empathic you can store other peoples energy in your body. You can take on other peoples problems as their own.

I told her a story about when I went to see a very well known Medium. She is booked out 18 months in advance. She told me the person I was dating at the time (broke up the day before actually) was a trustworthy man and that I was pregnant. I was young and not as wise as I am today. I called up my ex and got back together with him even though he had lied to me. Then a week later I found out that I indeed was NOT pregnant. It broke my heart. The Medium had gotten it all wrong.

So you must not put all your faith in Mediums. We are human and make mistakes. I teach all my clients how to use their own gut instinct and how to navigate through their own lives.

Its safe to say the kind sweet beautiful woman left with a smile on her face and her heart a little lighter.

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