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A Few F-Bombs Later...

The solar eclipse was a huge sign of completion for me. I moved back into my highlands home and conquered my workshop in Lily Dale. I sat outside last Monday and watched the sky go dim while I gave reading after reading on my back porch. I could feel the energy shifting all day.

The week prior to my Lily Dale trip was also a huge moment. My renters that we're living in my home were finally moving out. I rented my house out last August when I moved to D.C. and had been staying with family till their lease was up. My big moving moment was here. The moment where everything would get back to normal! So I thought…

I will now refer to my first week back in my house as “Hell Week.” Upon my arrival I found out that my house smelled of dog, the carpet was ripped in several places, my house was infested with flea and ants, dishwasher needed to be replaced, 7 foot weed trees were growing, disposal wouldn't turn on, and white patch marks where all over the walls. Then Opal, my 12 year old cockapoo, got infested with fleas so badly I have to take her to the vet. Yep hell week! All of this right before the most exciting moment in my career.

So what do you do when everything is crashing down? When you can't breath from anxiety? I use my tools to bring me back. I wrote a list of things that needed to be done and put my big girl pants on. I said an F-bomb or ten and told myself that this will not break me, and it didn't. I handled one project at a time and reached out for help.

I couldn't help but know everything is as it should be and everything is happening for a reason! I gained my positivity back. I let it go and relaxed during my journey to New York.

I arrived in New York for my workshop and knew what needed to be done. My spirit was ready to teach. Teaching is truly my element and it fills me up. Makes me feel whole and inspired.

The workshop was everything I had dreamed and more. I had almost 30 students and each one had unique gifts of their own. I could see each students potential vibrating as they learned the material. I taught them how to read tarot cards, how to see and read another's Aura, and also psychometry. They all succeeded with every lesson. I was more than pleased with the out come. The day after the workshop I gave about 15 readings. I didn't feel exhausted, I was on cloud nine. Ten year ago I would've never dreamed about making Mediumship and teaching my career. What great surprises life holds. Wow I am speechless from writing that.

I waited for some time to pass to complete this blog post. I needed everything to sink in and be processed. This post needed time to evolve just like my thoughts.

I have now completed all the repairs in my home and it's starting to feel like mine again. I'm getting my footing and filling up my gas tank of inspiration. Lord I needed it.

While I was teaching in Lily Dale I saw a class that I wanted to attend. One of my tutors from England was going to be in the country and teaching an advanced Mediumship course at the end of September. I was laying in bed Saturday morning thinking. I had praying for a sign on my next steps and asking how to change a few things that had happened recently. I was also thinking about this class when I received a text from a friend in Dunkirk, my home town. My friend asked me when I was coming in town next and wanted it to be sooner rather than later. I took that as a sign from God that I was being called to go. There is so much more to this feeling of being called Saturday morning that I wish I could explain. Just know the stars aligned in a huge way.

The universe keeps pushing me in the direction of my destiny. No matter how much I have to overcome, I'm always supported. I ask for what I need and most of all I ask for what I don't need to be gently taken away. Bless and release as my mother would say.

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