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A Hike To Remember...

When I was 19 years old I met my first spiritual teacher. Dr. Rebecca Martin had long grey hair usually styled in a bun of some sort. She wore loose skirts and I have never seen her wear makeup. I was recommended to see her from a friends mother. I would go to her house, which is now an ashram and have a session about every other week. She really helped me with my anxiety and depression during that time. Every session she would help me with my life's challenges and navigate me through them. This woman changed my life and set me in a direction of spirituality that had come full circle.

All those years ago during one of our meetings Rebecca asked me about my path. I told her I wanted to be a healer and move to Sedona. I was already a hairdresser and God only knows where I heard the term ‘healer.’ I was below a novice in spiritual terms back then. Her response was priceless, “Sedona is overly concentrated with healers,” she said.

I look back at her comment with a level of disbelief. Shouldn't she had been encouraging? Shouldn't she had guided me more so?

Thirteen years later I have made it to my bucket list city. I am here in Arizona only under very different circumstances. My dream visit would've been to see all the spiritual seven vortexes. Tour around with a Native American and have a shamanic ceremony. Shop for crystals and items to bring home to the tribe. The tribe is a group of people that I've put together in our community to support one another in spiritual development!

This trip is different.

Yesterday I woke up at 5am and went on a hike through Tom’s Thumb. It was all up hill on the way up. There were moments that negativity got ahold of me. I was breathing heavy and couldn’t speak full sentences. But it wasn't long till I realized what this journey was all about. I took moments of looking up and seeing the scenery. The beauty in the view took my breath away in a whole new way. I could see that metaphor in every step. Sometimes it's an uphill battle, but when you stop to look around you, you only see the beauty. I saw the hard work and the success of climbing the mountain. It all made perfect sense. Stop looking down at your feet, look up and see the full picture.

The spa was next that day. I knew intuitively that I had a message for my massage therapist. This happens to me often and I slide the information in naturally. Her name was Lynette. She began to massage me and I began to ask her a few questions.

Coincidentally she was from upstate New York near my hometown. I asked her if she had been to Lilydale before of course. Her late 50’s face beamed with excitement. She then explained that she used to go all the time when she was younger. Lynette told me of her first time seeing an angel in Lilydale, at inspirational stump. What came next was of no surprise. She had told me that she had prayed the day before for a sign. A sign of whether to go back to Lilydale and take classes. I was her sign. I told her about my workshop I'm teaching there in August and gave her the nudge to search out her souls desire.

While she massaged me I could tell that she was a natural healer. I could feel and see the purple lights coming off of her hands. When our session was over I thanked her for her time and we hugged in gratitude. We both knew how important our encounter was. What are the odds of me meeting a women from upstate New York, that's been to Lilydale, and a healer? This is my everyday life full of magical experiences, reaching those who need the encouragement. I am a messenger always in the right place at the right time. Even reaching those in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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