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Yoga Teacher Speaks Out!!!

I recently came across a Facebook post that made me stop dead in my tracks. It was a post from a yoga instructor. She worked at the same studio as myself when I lived away from Louisville. She had left the studio some time before I took my management position there. In her post she had voiced that she was not treated well while she was employed there, horrible treatment actually. This was a constant problem for this studio. Only still to this day I cant understand why. Well, lets be honest here, Im being polite. I left with a similar sour taste in my mouth but for a completely different reason. I couldn't help but sit back and thank God for the closing of that chapter.

It’s been over six months since my return to Louisville and everything is as it should be. It has taken blood, sweat, and tears. As well breaking through immense fear to build my business back from the ground up. This past weekend I knew that it had paid off.

I had one of my monthly events at the office. The “Walk-in Reading” event, discounted 15min readings. I am pleased to say that I had the best attendance to date. I had clients waiting before 10am and waiting till an hour past closing. This is was just what I needed to tell me to keep going and that I am making a difference. Hairdressing at J. Estell Salon feels like its home sweet home as well. I am the luckiest person to blend both my businesses into one. I work with men and women on mind body and soul, starting on the outside and working our way in.

So the question is all about timing or law of attraction? Is it with time that the business was growing and continues to grow or that I watched the movie “The Secret” the night before? I had really focused on a busy day and it being successful. The answer is both, but I feel strongly about my mindset creating the outcome. My coaching clients and friends know that I am firm in mastering your mind and positive thought process. It is the key to success in a stress free life.

I have watched “The Secret” several times before, always getting something else out of it. I realized that my gift of natural positivity and mindset can’t be duplicated but can be taught. One of my favorite quotes talks about how to be a good leader. A good leader creates mores leaders.

That is why one of my favorite types of assessments is with business owners. I tend to attract two kinds of people for readings and assessments. They want to focus on relationships and business/Career. So far I have a 100% success rate describing your soulmate or life partner. It blows my mind how accurate I am. The second kind of client wants intuitive advise on their career/business. They want to know what next steps to take, how to create more financial abundance, and how to work out the kinks in the business plan. Coincidently love and business are my two favorite topics!

One chapter closes and the other begins so effortlessly. Sometimes taking a small detour shows you what is important and the next steps to take. Your purpose in this life is what you make it and what you make of it is up to you. Open your heart and acknowledge that the detours in life can make each moment that much sweeter. It can even lead you into the arms of your true love or spark a hidden passion waiting to come into fruition.

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