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Always Dreaming Derby Rush

The Derby rush is over and I am happy to be silent, drinking coffee, and writing. I have to say going into the rush after a long relaxing vacation was somewhat intimidating. That wasn't the only reason I was intimidated. I have taken the past two years off work oaks and derby to travel to see my boyfriend at the time. I was happy to take the time off. I rented my house to derby guests and made a killing, so I still made money while away.

This year was different. Since my move back to Louisville in December/January my house has been rented to three young people. They have a year lease and I will be able to move back into it in September. I’ve been graciously staying with family. As the months dwindle down I get more and more excited. Hence not being about to rent my house out for Derby. So I decided to work this year.

For a Hairdresser and Makeup Artist, this is go time. The owner of J Estel Salon gave me a contact name and number of someone interested in hair and makeup. The week before a friend asked me to work a hotel with him prettying up their guests. My intention and prayer had been answered.

You see coming back to Louisville has not been easy emotionally or financially. I had left a job with a full clientele after ten years. Some of my most loyal clients haven't started seeing me again. It hasn't gotten me down because I know everything happens for a reason. For every client that hasn't come back to me, I have received a new client who is just as meaningful. This experience has been a true test of gratitude and trust. Guess what else? My clients are cross referencing! My hair clients are getting readings and my reading clients are getting their hair done. It’s been blowing my mind. My readings are booked till June. The universe has my back and tells me everyday not worry. I will always have enough.

In preparing for the Derby rush my nerves got to me a little bit. It’s been two years since I've been in the game. For those who know me I have worked with amazing stars at Derby time. To name a few Rebecca Romijn, Molly Sims, Debra Messing, Krysten Ritter, and Damaris Phillips. I’ve done hair and makeup for a huge hit show on the food network as well, so this isn't my first rodeo! My confidence was just lacking.

Moving to DC had done a number on me. My relationship was less than upon my arrival, my work situation tore my heart out, and then picking up the pieces coming back. Learning my friend and boss didn't want me back and said so over text, my relationship coming to an end on skype, and yet still pushing through. Knowing that I’m okay. Since I was a little girl I have been the calm in the storm. It doesn't matter what happens in my life I am always happy. It’s a choice and it takes practice. Now I teach others those same techniques in my coaching practice.

You see I am the happiest I have ever been in this moment. Everything is as it should be. That is the honest truth. So no matter what you go through I promise you can pick up the pieces and start again and its never too late.

I rocked this weekend by the way. I went and did hair and makeup for the sweetest woman. The house was filled with Pro Golfers, Jimmy Walker and Ricky Fowler! This woman is the wife of Jimmy walker, she was so humble and natural. I appreciated her kindness and hope to work with her again. The guests at the hotel were amazing too!

By the end I was on cloud nine feeling proud of myself for all I had over come. Even a Spiritual Life Coach and Medium like my self has fears. The Key? I do it anyway. I have mastered the tools to overcome fear and build confidence. It is never an arrival point my friends. We will all consistently grow into better human beings, letting go of fear and all this is not us. Feeling nothing but love to share this story with you.

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