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Hit With God's Magic Wand

I have had a profound experience. Lets be real I have these often but this was different. I attended a workshop called “The Power of Your Personal Medicine.” I thought this was a workshop about Shamanism and Journeying (Shamanic practice of meditating.) But it was so much more. Shamanism is a religious practice usually used by indigenous people and believe in the unseen. Such as gods, different worlds, ancestral spirits, and animals. Very tribal and natural is how I explain it. Wikipedia has a great definition! “A practitioner reaching altered states to perceive and interact with the spirit world and channels these energies into this world.” Perfectly said.

The workshop I attended changed my soul. This past year I had felt as if I lost my myself. I couldn't find my happy and felt like everything in my world had been shook up. My aunt passed away, I had to teach a workshop two days after her passing, my mother got sick, her fiancé had surgery and ended up with a heart problem, left my salon and changed careers, and then I moved to Washington, DC.

Here is the Miracle! It all has come full circle.

I moved back from DC, started in a new salon that I like much better than where I was, my mothers fiancé had a health scare, my mother fell ill again, and I ended up in the same location where I taught my last workshop after my aunt passed. It felt like I was revisiting everyplace where I had lost my happy last year. It’s just remarkable.

I couldn't be more happy and blessed that my life has had so many changes. The essence of me stays the same just like a river, but I'm in constant change. I have never felt so happy and free in all my life. I have been stripped of things that no longer serve me.

So when you pray for things to happen in your life be ready to be transformed. You never know what route will be given or guided. I had prayed and set an intention for certain areas of my life to be different. I now know that everything I went through was actually an answered prayer.

It wasn't sugar coated and it sure as hell wasn't pretty. Guess what? I got what I wanted and what I needed. I am so grateful to have found my power again within myself. I am grateful for the power of my god and the universe.

During the workshop I was in a beautiful meditative state where I spoke to God about my life. I speak to god everyday in my prayers and in open conversation. As a Medium I am blessed with this ability. He explained my path and gave me such peace. Most of all I was given my power back. My power to not stay in situations that didn't make me feel joyful and the power to make decisions for change. As if a magic wand hit my head with passion, creativity, joy, and love.

I haven't felt like myself for a very long time. Baby, I am back. So watch out world, its time to play big!

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