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6 Steps To Find Your Soulmate!

How to find your soul mate

Love is a topic that I always enjoy talking about. Almost every woman I encounter wants insight on how to navigate through her love life. Every reading I’ve given the past couple weeks has had some element of love problems in it.

So how do you find your soul mate? I had to think long and hard about how I was going to write this piece. I first wanted to rant and rave about self worth and energetic sloppiness. Then thought about a softer approach of self love and devotion. But, I can only be me and guide you authentically on this matter.

Stop looking!

Lets talk energy and how it actually works. So everything everywhere has energy. That is science not fluff. I’ll give you an example of how finding your soul mate works. Think about a beautiful aqua blue ocean. The waves and tide go in and out. You are on the beach looking at the ocean and decide to walk into the cool water. As you walk into the ocean you notice your legs seem to work a bit harder the deeper you go. This is because you are going against the tide. This is “you” searching and focusing on wanting your soul mate. The deeper you go the harder it is and the further away from shore you are. So the harder you look the less likely you are to find love. Unless you start to drown and the life guard happens falls in love with you.

Think about this same situation. You are in the ocean and you turn around to swim back to shore. The tide picks you up and actually carries you where you need to go. That is the easy way. This is you going with the flow and trusting the direction of your life and its where you need to be.

It is really that easy. Putting your intent out there, what you want, a loving healthy soul mate relationship is the first step. Get your journal out and follow these easy steps to find love within yourself and a soul mate.

  1. Write your intention down. What type of person would you like to come into your life? Make a list of qualities you want in a person. DO NOT PUT WHAT YOU DON’T WANT! This is a “wants” list only. Write about twenty to thirty must haves. Personality, family, intimacy…

  2. Write who you aspire to be. Choose all the wonderful qualities that you have and love about yourself. Then write what you want to transform.

  3. Transform energetic sloppiness! This is a MUST my friends. If you are married or the person you are in love with is married, in a relationship with another person, or you're in a relationship, time to clean this up. Your real soul mate will not step foot into your energy field if you have this kind of thing going on. This goes for any kind of drama. (There are exceptions to this rules, but you are not one of them.) You are worth so much more. Remember what goes around comes around. Pain to others is pain to ourselves. On the same note, if you are sleeping with someone and they don't want a committed relationship but you do, you need to stop sleeping with that person. Your soul mate will not want to be with you if you are undermining your worth and taking less than what you deserve, that’s the ugly truth. Energetically available is what you want. Create a situation where your actions (your energy) align with what you say you want.

  4. Start a new hobby. To energy, nothing says, “Love come find me” like a new hobby. Try something new or start something that you've always wanted to do. Art, dancing, hiking, sewing, weight lifting, flying lessons, yoga…Need an idea? I got your back on this. This opens up the creative channels of energy and allows for all things new to enter. Create excitement about your new activity. Added perk, how are you supposed to meet someone new doing the same old things? Living the life you love is having a solid foundation for partner to enter. First it’s the most important thing for you to do, for you.

  5. Boundaries! Accept only what you deserve. Out with the old in with the new. If you are only attracted to the bad boy or the bad girl image….It is time to look a little deeper into what void it’s filling. This means that they are not filling anything, they are actually keeping you in a place that makes you feel bad. Get pissed and say enough is enough. You will not allow yourself anything but goodness and light into your life.

  6. Write your love story! Yep, as silly as it sounds, write the most romantic passionate love story you can imagine. This gets you in the energetic mind set of possibility. Remember anything is possible if you just believe.

Small steps to mastering your mind, it makes a huge impact. The steps above are really about you. Its about loving yourself and creating love in your life. You don't need someone to complete you, but if having a special person sounds amazing to you in your life experience, your wish is the universes command.

If you need extra help or clarity on how to make your dreams come true, don't hesitate. Schedule a session and we can navigate through your personal challenges.

Happy Valentines Day


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