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Depression Or Asshole?

Depression Or Asshole?

The truth about struggling with your health is that there is a much easier way to master it. Yes, there are quick fixes, short cuts, light bulb moments, and everything wrapped in a pretty bow. All of that applies to hemming a dress, directions, epiphanies, and birthday presents. I am here to share my path and results about health.

As a teenager and young adult I struggled with depression and anxiety. If I had to give it a source I would say that it was a genetic matter passed along in my blood. They have proven now that depression can be passed down genetically, so can being an asshole. We are what we make of it.

Ten years ago I started practicing yoga and meditation. Practicing is not a word I use lightly. When I first started I would go to yoga once a week maybe twice. I would go to a meditation class once a week or month. Currently I am finding that my mind and body really enjoy meditating everyday and practicing yoga five days a week. That is what works for me. I love the way it makes me feel. Free and healthy.

With my focus on mastering health, my mind has been at ease. I am not trying to master too many things at once. I started with a goal of yoga five days a week. Two weeks later I started on nutrition. Yep, doing the 21 day fix through beach body. Basically is measuring your food, eating vegetables, fruit, protein, and carbs. Its made it easy for me. I lost 4.4 pounds my first week! I felt on top of the world. Then I went to D.C. and it all went to hell.

I didn't have time to go to yoga because I was entertaining family that had come to town. We ate a few meals out. I didn't have my meals prepared and so on. So now what? What do you do when you were doing so well and then you fail?

Try again!

I felt guilty for letting myself down. I had guilt because this is something I really want. I really want to eat healthy because it helps with how I feel emotionally and physically. I can see that now. If you have ever struggled with making healthy choices I get you. I am a real person who makes choices every day to be healthy.

The biggest revelation that has helped me is to see the bigger picture. My weight has always fluctuated, but why? Interestingly enough I did some deep thinking around this subject. Every weight management specialist will tell you that there is a deeper emotional reason for eating and gaining weight. My reason is vulnerability. When I feel vulnerable I stress eat. Totally not fair, I want to be the one who cant even think about eating when stressed! We all cant be that lucky.

When I stress eat and gain weight I don't feel comfortable going out in public or feel comfortable being affectionate. Sound familiar? Classic signs of pushing people away. It blows my mind how the human brain works.

Once I discovered my bigger picture reason for struggling with my yoyo weight, it all became simple. I understand myself therefore I can master myself.

Look at the reasons behind your struggles and you will see a very different picture. Understanding yourself is the fountain of youth. Only with that can you make change that lasts in your life. You hold the power to heal and change. Only you hold the power.

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