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New Year New You!!!

It’s never too late to create the life you want to live. I recently learned that a famous singer started painting beautiful pieces of art at the age of seventy. I was impressed by this. While I was England I met a woman who started medical school at the age of thirty-one. I’m a dreamer and I love going for things I want. Medical school, chaplain, artist, dancer… All of things sound amazing. But what do I really want? Sorting through things that sound good versus things I really want to accomplish, that’s the trick.

So how do we create a life that we actually want to live? Intention and purpose. I have declared 2017 the year of “The strong woman and fearlessness.” There are loads of reasons why I named it that. The main one, I will never stop believing in myself to make a difference.

Believe it or not, I’ve had people in my life tell me I wasn't good enough. Lucky for me, I am a stubborn cut throat woman who uses that kind of talk as ammo. This year is your year, this is YOUR sign to stop and change my friend.

I’m hosting a Vision Board Workshop January 13, 2017 ($50 7pm-10pm) to teach everything I know about how to manifest your dream life. I can create any reality I want and I’ll teach you to do the same. We will focus on three goals you want to achieve and work through action steps to get there. Yes, you will cut pictures out of magazines and amazing quotes to coincide with your goals.

I found myself working seven days a week last year, sometimes for months without a day off. I was stressed and overwhelmed by everything I wanted to do. I’ve learned to work smarter with the essentials and let go of what is not. I have found a way to do work that matters and that is stress free.

I named the workshop “New Year New You” back in September. Amazingly to my surprise I have recently received emails from two huge well known companies using that same title for their trainings and workshops. The exact same title. Baptiste Yoga training and Trip Tribe were the two companies. So what does that mean? It was my omen to keep doing my workshops and teachings. That I can and will reach as many people as these huge companies one day soon. Stay focused and I can do it.

Life is too precious to be stressed out and full of anger. So this is my cure for a plate that is too full. Bring it down to the essentials in life, love, and business.

Hope to see you in the workshop or in a private session to set up 2017 for success!

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