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Can Cleaning Fix Your Problems?

I have to be honest I was a bit fearful to start living with someone. I've only done that once and it was for a very short time. Within that short time, I felt stressed about always having to clean up after the person like I was their mother. It was super stressful and I really didn't want to go there again. Amazing enough that was one of the very few fears I had about moving in with Craig.

If you know me personally then you know that I am pleasantly organized and mildly trained in Feng Shui. My surroundings are very important in my line of work actually. Having the energy of the room clear and supportive helps me feel better in my body and also connect better with spirit.

If that doesn't make sense to you I'll explain. When a room has clutter, loose papers, boxes stacked, dirty dishes, or trash, it causes a disruption in the energy flow. In simple terms it means distraction. If you want to know how a person functions, have insight into a persons needs or fears, take a look at their house or office. It speaks volumes into their psyche.

When I first start working with a mentoring or coaching client we start by establishing a solid foundation first. Guess what that means? Environmental surroundings! We look at every environment you encounter. Home life first. We look deeply into the physical material situation. Is your house more suited for a pig or for humans? Then we look at relationships within the home structure. Are they healthy? Does your home life make you happy and feel safe? If the answer is no to any these then I intuitively guide you on the next steps of action. Supporting you every step of the way. Teaching you skills so in the future you won't need my guidance.

Yes, you heard me right! It is my intention to teach you the skills and mind control you need so that you don't need me anymore. So that you are so secure in who you are that you will never second guess a decision.

After we establish a solid foundation we move on to work and personal life. Doing the same structure of looking at surroundings and relationships. We work on them one by one. Some clients go through this very quickly and others take it slow. One is not better than the other because it's your own personal journey. Every journey is unique and special.

It is only then when your surroundings are in order, you can begin to go within. Going within can't be done with craziness around you. Now don't get all, I can't do this, this is too woo-woo on me. You can and you are ready now. Stop holding yourself back. Give up what ever excuses you have and create the life you want.

Going within and learning yourself is the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced. A dear client and friend asked me recently if I'm happy every day in my life. My response was simple and direct. Yes, I’m happy every moment of every day. I created that solid foundation and I do the work everyday, doing what makes me happy. Never a slave of what I have to do or get done.

It is possible. Anything is possible if you just believe.

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