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Rainbows. Butterflies. Reality.

After a year and a half, Craig and I decided to move in together. Some of you may have seen this coming. Having a long distance relationship from the beginning, we new that one of us would have to move. Guess what? I always new it would be me.

I have lived in Louisville Kentucky since I was kid and have always wanted to live in other locations. I had dreams of living in Italy where my grandparents are from, Spain, or someplace like Arizona. The only problem was my mind set. I created this way of thinking that told me I couldn't move. I couldn't move because I had a career that kept me in one place and I made too much money to leave it. Hairdressing is a job that I can do anywhere but it takes years to establish a clientele. Let’s just say after 12 years of networking and building relationships, my six figure income was more than important to me. I only mention this to open your eyes to possibilities of real freedom.

If money is what is holding you back from your dreams, it is time to take a long look in the mirror. Stand in front of the mirror and imagine yourself as a child. Would you tell that child her dreams don't matter and that she has to stay in a cubicle for the rest of her life? Or just do a job because the money is good. I don't think so. It is possible to take a leap of faith to fulfill what feels good to your soul. It is time to put your dreams first.

Emotions that come up with taking a leap of faith… This is reality. Not make believe.

What the hell, I’m freaking nuts, I cant do this, don’t make me do this, you are irresponsible and stupid for giving up this kind of money, what if (fill in the blank), you have lost your mind, family is more important, if you loved our family you wouldn't be moving, your family needs you and you're leaving them, and you will never make as much money as you did. These are all fear based thoughts by the way. False Evidence Appearing Real! Your thought create your reality.

The evening we arrived in DC with the moving truck, I put the bed together and then I cried on it the rest of the night. The irony was ridiculous. I wanted to go home. I thought I made a huge mistake and wanted to go home like a five year old. I was super cute when I was five but lets be real here. I had been under an extreme amount of stress the night before. My mothers partner Peter, had a health scare. We had to take him to the emergency room where he was admitted. That next morning I didn't want to leave my family. Peter was in the hospital and I wanted to be there. My family and I are very close. I rather hang out with my family than anyone else in the world. Leaving for DC freaking killed me.

I knew during my breaking down that evening that it was only raw emotion. I was tired of juggling my business, the salon, the new job in DC, and the move. I needed to break down. I honor my grieving process because that is what makes me human. Leaving my home, career, and family. I think I’ll give myself a break. I feel lost in a way because I identified myself with my career and money. Spoon full of perspective always helps. My family is loving and healthy. What more do I need to be happy?

Change is something people deal with everyday. I’ve been studying this process called the Art Of Allowing by Esther Hicks, she channels and teaches about this subject. Look it up if you haven't heard of her. It has changed my life. It teaches about being in the vortex. The vortex is being in your happy state of mind all the time.

It’s a matter of a choice to focus on the positive that makes your mind body spirit feel good. Or choose to be negative and suffer the consequences that make our body feel like crap. Honesty is my strong suit by the way. Sugar coating is for candy.

Everyone has a choice to make change a shit storm or make it a magical experience, period.

I’m taking the biggest leap of faith in my life and I am so proud of myself. I am moving 608.4 miles away to be with the kindest most supportive person I have ever met. I am changing careers and listening to my souls calling, my vocation. I am going to keep my wellness business, Spirited Start, in Louisville and create the same business in DC. I am also getting back into the yoga business! Everything is falling into place. Thats how I know everything is in alignment. If my writing teaches anything, I hope it teaches to be fearless and follow your calling. If you need help learning the first steps to fearless living, you have my number!

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