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Old Soul or Old Bag?

I need a little fun in my life! I feel like I've been a 67 year old my whole life. Don't get all weird on me, 67 is very young. I feel like my whole life has been so safe and responsible. Hello! I need some adventure... Who's with me?

What kind of adventure do I want to create? Travel, art, gardening? See what I mean, I just put gardening down for a sense of adventure. Yikes. Something is wrong with this picture. Call me an old soul or an old bag. Doesn't really matter in my book.

I want to do something freeing and fun! I was recently asked what I like to do for fun. I couldn't come up with one thing that I enjoyed doing besides the work that I do. Granted I enjoy talking to dead people and my yoga practice ignites my soul. I acknowledge my humor is somewhat dark, you're welcome.

These are my ideas for fun. I would like to start salsa dancing lessons. I used to go salsa dancing all the time on Thursday nights and I was pretty good . Now Thursday night is a bit too late for this old bag! My next idea is something artful, I want to make something out of nothing. Like transform junk into something functional, or take a painting class. My other ideas are things like, training my dog to jump through hula hoops or getting chickens and creating my own backyard farm! Oh yeah, I really want to take a pottery class. Like on the movie "Ghost." Oddly enough it blends ghosts and art, perfect!

I'm really going to pick one and do it! I'm leaning towards dancing and pottery. Sorry Opal, the hula hoops might have to wait till next month. Thinking about walking into a dance class alone makes me nervous, but I'll be fine.

My sister used to make fun of me because no matter where I was, I would dance. This happened often in the grocery store.

For now I'm catching up on the amazing series "Girls." The season finale was perfect of course and totally put me in an inspiring mood. Let's be real, if you watch this show, it can be sort of dark and depressing. Inspiration was a shocker! It made me reflect over the past weeks of encounters.

Reflecting on the essentials and my personal life dreams, I started noticing a tinge of emotion creeping in. I'll name this emotion in a minute after I express myself till I'm green in the face. A friend of mine is pregnant and I am so happy for her, I couldn't help but wonder I would ever experience that. Another friend is moving to Florida to be closer to the beach. Her family adores the beach and warm weather, so they up and decided to move. That is freaking awesome. Someone else I know is opening a fantastic business is the highlands that I know is going to serve this community in a huge way.

What's the big emotion creeping in? Envy! I've never been envious of anything my whole life. This doesn't mean I'm going to sit and cry about it. This means its time to take action and stop being so damn scared to leap. Another thing this means is breaking free of things holding me back.

I’m going to weed out all my stressors. I don't have to do a thing. I don't have to stress and try so hard. I can relax and let things flow just the way they are intended. My nature is to be a head strong, stubborn, not stopping till I get what I want type of women. That will never change and Im proud of that part of me. I was raised by a single mother with three kids. It is in my blood. But I must learn the grace of each moment. It feels so much better than always reaching.

This is my challenge to you my friends, I challenge you to find something new and fun to integrate into your life. Something that is just for you and for your heart. One small step to having the life you want to live. You can do it!

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