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What Do You Need To Let Go?

The amazing thing about experiencing a death in the family is suddenly only the essential things matter. Suddenly, nothing else matters, except being with the ones you love and having the realization that life is a gift.

My thought patterns have slightly changed since the recent passing of my Aunt. I want to describe this new attitude to you!

It’s called…I don't care that you are unkind to me, I don't have time for you and your yucky presence, don't text me just when my Aunt dies to feel good about yourself and then ignore me our next encounter, you will not break my spirit it is unbreakable. I honor you for teaching me these hard lessons and toughening my skin, only love matters, I will surround myself with people who inspire me, and encourage others to grow in their expression. My spirit is unbreakable and my love for people who live life only by reacting is unconditional.

Thank you, my rant is over. I say the above with respect, love and prayer. I want everyone to live a magical life. I feel inspired, more than ever to push deeper into my spiritual work. Minister and Medical Intuition are in first and second place. After this huge realization I knew I needed a break from the grind. Holy cow…

Thank god I had a long weekend planned to go to the beach. My mother and I used to go to Jensen Beach all the time to visit my grandfather. He lived in an ocean front condo building with all retired adults. I was usually the only child but I couldn't have cared less. I loved fishing with Papa, playing scrabble by the pool, and the quality time with my mom. I had been longing to go back to this particular beach for years. I had a small break in between clients jumped online and planned the whole trip.

I was meditating during a Cranio Sacral session when I had a very detailed vision. I was being given clarity about a dream I had a while back. In the dream I was walking along the beach with my mother. We were holding hands, there were sharks and dolphin in the ocean to the left. I looked up ahead and saw my grandfather (he passed away 6 years ago) by stacked beach chairs to the right. I let go of mothers hand to go to him. He was holding a small baby boy and wanted me to hold him. So I did, then dream ended.

The insight given to me was, It would be a good idea to invite my mom to come with me on this newly planned trip. After all, this place was my happy place because of the memories I have with her. It made complete sense.

When my session was over I called my mother, explained my insight given during my meditation, and invited her to come with me. My mother is getting used to these spiritual experiences I have. So, she said yes! 5 weeks 3 days later my mothers sister/my aunt died unexpectedly. The insight I was given had even more meaning than before. We were returning to a place that I had always associated with my grandfather. Coincidently enough my aunt lived there for quite some time as well. I was now returning to a place to reflect on memories of my grandfather, aunt, and work through my grief.

Three things happened on this trip. I was given the gift of time with my mother. I finally gave myself permission to miss my aunt, the aunt I grew up with and loved being around before her sickness changed her. The last thing that happened on this trip, a new understanding of the essence of gratitude.

I have never been so present in my life. Every moment and every interaction is meaningful. I feel relaxed and calm. I trust in the universe and in my God. I know everything will work out. The lesson for me is to relax into my life regardless of where I am or what I am doing. It is amazing to let go of control. That doesn't mean be a slacker and say no worries everything will be fine, I still have to do the work. The trick is to create my life the way that serves me the best. I have seen a huge flow of abundance wash in as soon as I let go. Let go to experience the flow, the natural flow of life. Experiment with this concept.

What do you need to let go?

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