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Hallelujah I Can Laugh Again...

Sometimes the only remedy is laughter. This past weekend I was in DC visiting My boyfriend Craig. My morning leading up to my airplane travel was jam packed. I got up early to take my dog Opal to the boarders, then I was off to teach a yoga class. I was on my way there when I came to a road block and realized the marathon was going and that I actually had the wrong time stuck in my head to open the studio.

Yikes! I maneuvered around the road blocks and begged the police officer to let me go down a blocked off road. God must have been watching because he let me through. I pulled up to my house and stuck Opal back inside. I needed to rush to the yoga studio. It was 7:40am and the class I was teaching stared at 8am. I was supposed to already be there and received a text asking if I was stuck in traffic by the manager. Sigh of relief that someone was there and the studio was open. Thank god when I arrived no students had arrived yet. I was so grateful.

After class I had an exciting meeting about the Flea off Market! I am going to have a booth May 13th-15th. My friend Angela will be selling her beautiful healing bath salts (the prices are amazing) There will be three of us offering readings Angela, Jessica, and myself. Angela and Jessica have both been through and completed my three part series workshop. They are wonderful Mediums! I will be doing readings Sunday, 15th from 11-6pm. I'll be giving readings at the psychic fair at the Intuitive Connection on Saturday, 14th 11-6pm. It will be a very exciting month for me.

After the meeting I ran Opal to the boarders, bank, then airport with twenty minutes to spare. Once I got to Baltimore I had to ride a bus to the train station, jump on the train, and take cab to Craig's all before 3pm. Holy moly I can’t do this much longer. I was a little stressed when I got there and just needed to chill. It was my first time away since my Aunt passed and to be honest I'm still in disbelief she is not here anymore. All I wanted to do was crawl in a hole and not speak. That wasn't an option, we had dinner plans.

We had dinner plans with two friends that I love seeing and am usually so looking forward to the experience. But this grief thing has really effected my mind. I didn't know if I had the energy to create a conversation.

We went a little early, sat at the bar and I sipped a glass of champagne. Our friends arrived shortly after and the conversation flowed from one topic to the next. My favorite topic of course was about giving gifts in relationships. We exchanged hilarious epic fails that the men dropped the ball on. Gift cards to shower curtains, need I say more? We laughed all night till we were the last ones there.

This dinner was special to me because it got me to laugh. It awakened my funny bone and for the first time in weeks I felt relaxed.

The next morning my Aunt Cathy that had passed came to me while I was still in a dream like state. It was so clear. She was talking to me and I was listening. Her mouth was moving and the sound was so faint. I couldn't hear her. I've heard when souls cross over they have to learn how to communicate differently. I know this to be true with this experience. She will be back and I will be ready to listen. So grateful for many things that came from this trip.

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