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Holy Moly How Did I Know That?

I was asked to give Mediumship readings at the Intuitive Connections Psychic Fair. I was so excited to be apart of it. To get prepared I meditate the night before and day off, listen to upbeat music, and pack myself full of an Im rocking it attitude. This is actually a tactic you learn in training, It’s called raising your power. Listening to happy fun music and thinking positive thoughts makes connecting easier. Think about it, do you want to talk to someone who is unpleasant? Well, neither does the spirit world.

I arrived extra early to set up and be relaxed. I switched on my positive reinforcement thoughts and I was ready. The fair started at 11am and I did not stop till after 5pm. I read for 23 people one right after the other. It went by so fast, I took two bathroom breaks, looked at the clock once and it read 4pm. Holy smokes.

It’s interesting that I can’t remember every reading or what was said. I do remember a few that tugged at my hearts strings.

A lovely woman sat down. I started describing the way the man looked in detail and described that he was in an altered state right before he passed. That he didn't feel anything because of this said altered state and he left his body before the time of death. The woman was teary eyed and elegant when she said that her son had fallen asleep at wheel and hit a semi. There were a lot more details but because of privacy this is all I will say. It did hit my heart and I got teary eyed.

Her husband was next in line for a reading. I told him that his son and Uncle were present and it would be a different reading for him than his wife. His son would want talk about different things to his dad versus his mother. This happened to be very true. The uncle in spirit communicated first and then the son. It was my first time reading for a husband and wife and I have to say there were very different and powerful. I felt gratitude and honor being able to help them. I could tell they were a close family unit. I hugged them both at the end of our reading.

After the fair I ran home to eat and walk Opal (my dog). I had to go back to the fair location for the Spiritualist Service. The service is like a church service with add Mediumship readings! It’s so cool. Definitely the best type of church service I’ve ever been to.

The service starts with telling everyone about spiritualism, I wrote about that last month if you missed it. An opening prayer is next, music, and then readings.

When It was my turn jumped right up, ready to go. I hadn't been on stage in a while and I really enjoy it. Immediately I sensed a mother that wanted to talk to her daughter. I decipher this by something that is called Claircognizance. It’s an inner knowing. This type of group reading I speak to the audience, give details about the passed loved one, then connect the passed loved one to the person in the audience.

The mother on the other side I was connecting to, she gave me the most amazing details about her life. The first thing she said was that there was something funny about her birthday. She had found out her birthday was on a different day than she had thought it was her whole life. This seemed odd, but this is how detailed my messages are. The mother then started talking her daughter’s health issues, saying that the nutrition problems that she was going through would get better and that she was aware of the problem and helping from the other side.

The daughter wanted to give me feedback at the end of the reading. She confirmed that there was something funny about her Mothers birthday. The family had found out the birth year was off by one year. Her mother was 100 years old when she passed and not 99. I had a slight smile of satisfaction to this miracle. The nutrition problems I had mentioned were spot on as well. The women I read for told me that she has been working with doctors because she has even having really bad food allergies. She thanked me for being able to bring her mother through.


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