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I Am Woman Hear Me Roar

It was a beautiful day driving out to the nature preserve where I host the Mediumship Development workshops. The sun was out, it was crisp, and there are horses for my visual pleasure. I enjoyed every minute of teaching and the students really excelled in their connection to the other side. I have to be honest I love my job of witnessing miracles.

The workshop was after a week long stay visiting Craig and I have to say I been left feeling different. There is something underneath the surface that says there is more to understand. I crave this with all of me. Have you ever felt that? Crave a deeper meaning to your life or a peaceful slower life. I’m experiencing that right now. I feel as if I’m meant for something so much bigger. I acknowledge that the work I do is “being up to something bigger than myself.” Something big is on the horizon, I can feel it.

So I’ve started looking at different areas of my life and seeing what I really want. I’ve looked at my career, family, friends, relationship, animals… Sometimes I wish I was one of those people who is just content with going to work and wanting for nothing. I know because I am a medium I will always have a need for spiritual growth. So how do I plan to do this? I like to call it I am woman hear me roar.

I am woman hear me roar consists of a no-bullshit approach and I use this often. I look at everything in my life and if there is something I don’t like, it gets the boot. Now don't be crazy and quit your job tomorrow or disappear with hot British dude. You also have to be smart. This process is more about looking inside of yourself and giving the boot to things in your mind and body. It’s a commitment to yourself to take a stand and dive deeper. Get curious about yourself. Then get curious about others and their process.

I love meditation and yoga, plain and simple. I need it to feel good on a daily basis for my mind. It also makes my body feel good as well. No-bullshit approach is to get up everyday, meditate and have my yoga practice. Sometimes things get in the way of this. This is where the roaring women comes in.

- NO MORE EXCUSES - I am done making excuses. I will create everyday around the things I need and love. Roar.

Women love to make excuses for why they can’t do something. They say things like “I have ten kids and no time for a luxury like yoga or showering” or “That’s easy for you to do but I could never do that.” I work seven days a week people, change the things you want to change. You are the most important person in your world. You have to be healthy and happy for you and for your family. Let go and be happy. I jump, you jump.

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