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Clarity Where Art Thou?

Seven Principles of Spiritualism

I’m feeling inspired to talk about this and pour out my thoughts. I know it seems like I already do that, let me assure you I don’t.

We went out to dinner with two of my favorite people. People who I genuinely enjoy talking to and feel as if I can be natural around. I look forward to our time together because I actually value what they bring to the friendship. They are warm, honest, and I feel as if I’m talking to my family. There is a wisdom behind both of them.

I have found trouble in this area from time to time. People my age don't have the wisdom and the curiosity of life. Still stuck in the hustle of financial success. I get it, I was there. Now I want more than that. Lately it has come to the fore front that I really want a teacher. I want someone wiser than me to teach me and guide me. It is time to find out what I stand for and then have the courage to create my life around it.

I started my Mediumship practice in November when I arrived home from my training in England. My business is flourishing and I couldn't be happier with the success and the beautiful connections I've made. This is the part I want to share about being a Medium. There is a whole other side to it that is always transitioning.

I started noticing strange things happening once I booked a client on my schedule. It was almost like an energetic contract to tap into their life. By saying almost, I mean it clearly was. It starts with dreams first. I will start dreaming and connecting with passed family members of my client at night. I will be given insight into their life and whats going on. It took me forever to learn this! I would wake up and have an awful feeling because sometimes this stuff gets deep. I would be in the dream, like I was really there, and watch real life situations play out. I keep a dream journal and track everything. My dreams can also be very prophetic. But the past few months I’ve been doing a lot of work in my dreams.

Other times I will start talking about things that have no relevance to me. I was walking into dinner tonight rambling about very specific things, Craig asked me what I was talking about and I replied with “I don't know.” Of course everything I rambled about came up at dinner. So I’ve started to channel thoughts and loved ones before I even sit down to dinner with friends. This is where I need a teacher. All of these wonderful changes are happening. Where do I begin and where does Spirit stop? It’s hard to tell sometimes what my own thoughts are. Kind of pretty freaking cool and holy moly at the same time.

This period of time is a huge learning process for me. I am in spiritual training. I feel it and I embrace it. My readings are wonderful and the purpose of a reading is special to each person. Everyones purpose is different. I asked a while ago to change my Mediumship and make it deeper, way deeper. I asked for me to learn how to start channeling. I believe this experience is the beginning training of that request.

Channeling in my opinion is a form a Mediumship that is marvelous. Information flows and spirit blends with your body and mind to where you feel everything about them. I could even say things in a familiar tone of spirit. Basically my mind goes somewhere else and everything happens effortlessly.

As I write this I ask myself silently, what is my purpose in my ability to do this? It’s a real question to ask at this point in my life. It is very simple, the seven principles of Spiritualism. I get the honor of helping people remember who they are and stand in my own spiritual truths.

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