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Calling All Angels

Charcoal and pastel drawing I did last year

I had a strange experience in yoga class the other day…

One of my favorite things to do while visiting DC is practicing at Down Dog Yoga. Their style of yoga just works for me. The heat makes me drenched with sweat, the cues are mindful, and usually after every practice something transforms or releases from my being.

When I first started yoga it was not this way. I started because I was having pain in my shoulder. My boss at the time told me to go to his yoga studio. It was a Bikram style yoga studio and super hot. I loved it from the very beginning and only did it for the workout. It did make my shoulder feel better surprisingly enough. Being a shorter in height hairdresser my shoulders get their work out.

Somewhere between then and my yoga teacher training I began to see a different side to a yoga practice. I saw a healing effect start to form in my emotions and body. I realized that my yoga mat was really the only place I felt connected to my soul. I love that feeling so much it sometimes can make me weep. Yep, I cry on my yoga mat and couldn't care less. It feels amazing when it happens actually.

I’m in class with the only teacher that knows how to speak to my soul. Honestly when I’m in full practice I have not clue what is being said and I only remember bits and pieces. But in the moment the universal knowledge that flows out of her mouth hits me and moves me. The words were talking about the spiritual side to yoga and how a daily dedication transforms your life. This little something has been knocking on my door for a long time.

Side note - I’ve dedicated my whole life to my Mediumship practice and serving others by connecting them to the spirit world. I just feel like there is still more to uncover. Do you ever feel like that? Like something is about to open up or you know there is an even deeper meaning to your life? Let me let you in on a little secret, if you want clarity or connection the only way to it is yoga and meditation.

At the end of my epic yoga practice I felt a strong white light coming from the back of the room. We were at the point in class where our eyes were closed. I had the most heart felt vision. One that I have not experienced before. There was an angel. Or at least I think he was. He was Tall and very soft in visual appearance. I couldn't make out the details of his face but his skin was beautiful dark brown. His hair was black dreaded or braided above his shoulders, kind of pulled back, with white and pale blue light all around him and all around the room. So that happened…

Right before I had that vision I had been praying and asking for help with something in my life. Then help arrived. I’m sharing this story because I always thought people who talk about seeing angels are usually way too ‘woo woo’ for me. Now I can be classified under that as well! Just kidding, It was truly profound. So know that anytime you ask for help with something an angel, guide, or loved one is right by your side. You are never alone my friend.

That same day I emailed a client to check in and see how she was doing. She started the Spiritual Life Coaching program a couple months ago. I was not surprised when she replied and said she was having an emotional valley and my email to her let her know she was well supported. I received another email from her that made me giggle a little bit. The email read “How did you know to check on me?” I replied back with “I just had a feeling and I always follow my intuition.”

Sometimes the spirit world uses us to help them do their good work. They might pop a thought into our brains telling us to call someone or stop by a certain store on our way home. It’s our job to follow it and be rewarded with gratitude in return. It’s completely worth it.

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