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Mind is Blown...

All Things I love start with M…

Holy Moly sometimes my mind is blown…

I was talking to my mother on the phone the other day. I usually keep my weird Medium magic under wraps but this one I had to tell her. I was telling her that I saw on Facebook that one of my childhood friends had passed away. I hadn't seen or talked to this person since grade school probably. So I was telling her about it and she asked me if I was going to reach out to the family, whom I also knew, and give them a reading. My response was a huge NO. That would be very against my ethics and an invasion of privacy. She totally understood and we chatted about another childhood friend who had lost someone close them as well. That same week I received a Facebook message from an acquaintance asking if she could give my info to a friend of hers who lost a loved one. Long story short people…I ran into that acquaintance and she told me the person she was giving my details to, they knew me. It was the same person that I was talking to my mother about. Wow. Mind blown. I have been taught to trust that the people that need to see me will find me and I need to just trust. Even if I never give this family a reading it was a beautiful lesson of trust and union. My prayers are with this family.

It’s been interesting observing how my mediumship is changing. It first began with visions and clips, straight out of real movies. Spirits would show me clips out of movies where the character would resemble the passed loved ones looks and personality, even have the same name as them. Then I would describe what I saw to the person I was reading for. The description was always correct and the names were right on. Pretty freaking cool, right? Now they are teaching me pictures. They show me real pictures of their families or of themselves to describe for the sitter. Then my client can go find the picture I described. Ive received several emails of old pictures saying, “Omg look I found it.” Nothing makes me happier than to hear this. It’s not for my benefit, its for my client really. So they know, there is life after death, and there is proof. The point in knowing there is life beyond is that it can heal a lot of fear in this lifetime. Trust, Connect, Heal… Oh I like the sound of that.

Ethics, authenticity, and my spiritual truths, are very important to me. I have had to reschedule clients this week and it’s been the weirdest thing. I had a reading for two women at the same time. After 45 minutes of the reading I didn't feel like they were receiving the full benefit and asked if we could reschedule them separately. Of course they were fine with it. There was too much trying to figure out which spirit belonged to who instead of the loving connection. Imagine 10 spirits for each client trying to come through at the same time. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and they are meant to come on the day booked. I cant wait to find out more!

Earlier in the week I did a phone reading for the sweetest woman. It felt like a great reading, which consisted of the names of living and passed, with lots of interesting facts intertwined. She then told me the story of how she found me. I had met her last year at a psychic fair where I gave her a mini reading. I brought through a name for her and she had no clue who I was talking about! I did end up receiving an email from her though. The name I gave her during her reading was actually her great grandmothers and she was writing me to encourage me to stay on my path. It was the first time a name popped up. Holy Moly! I’ll never forget that day. I saved that email in the "Things to keep" folder.

As I learn the changes of my Mediumship I have to trust more and more. I have to follow my first gut instinct on all things. I believe I'm ready to go out on a limb for my Mediumship, which means… risk telling it all to my clients!

Wondering who the people are in the photo? Read below, this is magical and beautiful...

My reading with Gina was one of the best and most satisfying readings I have ever had. She was kind and very authentic. What I liked the most was that she wanted very little information to make the reading flow naturally. From that moment on, I knew she was professional and the real deal. Almost immediately she picked up on family members both in this world and in the spirit world. What amazed me the most was the accuracy in the descriptions she said- she even gave names! I was completely amazed. Her approach is gentle and caring and she only uses positive messages given to her from spirit. She provided me with advice like an old friend. I had been waiting to hear from both grandparents and they both came through. She described a photo of me in a dress with my grandparents taken outside about to attend a church function - St. Anthony’s Day celebration (which happens to be my grandfathers name). My grandfather had explained to her that that was his favorite picture. The next day, I found the picture which happened to be the first in the pile of family photos. My reading with Gina was truly amazing- I got to spend some more time with my grandparents , ask them questions and hear their guidance that I miss so much. I will definitely be doing a reading with her again soon!

-Giulia P


This is Carrie from the psychic fair Saturday. I have to admit that I had forgotten until about 10 minutes ago that you had written down this website for me to go read your blog. So I sat down at my computer and read your blogs. So having said that I just want you to know that it makes me feel good to know that my coming up to you at the end of my reading and asking you to do a group reading was a confidence booster for you. And I have to say that based on our small session together I never would have guessed that you have only been working with your abilities with Suzanne for a couple of months. Here is another little tidbit of information for you that should make you feel good too. When I had my reading with Suzanne she told me that I had the spirit of a woman with me whose name started with an M. She said that she was a grandmother on my mother's side and honestly that really meant nothing to me since I could not figure out who she was talking about since my grandmother is still alive. As I was sitting down at the table with you, you asked me if I had a Molly or Meredith in my life. Neither name meant anything to me. I have never heard anyone in my family bring up those names. But I thought that it was kinda neat that you threw out an M name at me after my reading with Suzanne. When I said no you just smiled and shook your head like saying, OK. Later that night I called my mom and asked her if we had any Molly's or Meredith's anywhere in the family and she said "Yeah, My great grandmother, why? So after reading your blog about your all of your reservations, take from this email that I believe in what you do and your abilities so let this be just one more confirmation that you should definately persue your gift as a medium and do great things with it. I am still working on the girls at work, for a reading. But I just wanted to let you know that I am behind your dreams.

-Carrie S

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