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It's Game Time!

"If you're going to run with the big dogs, you can’t pee like a puppy." I want you to know that I had to actually look up the meaning of this statement. True story. It's about pressure and knowing your limitations. If the pressure is too much, leave it for someone else to do, someone who won't complain! That's what Google says, so it must be true. But to me, it means start your engines because it's game time people.

I had a wonderful Christmas believe it or not! Everyone was happy and healthy. No one had a melt down or freak out. It was lovely. Craig came to town, and we had our first Christmas together. I introduced him to how the Scarpino family has a three day marathon of togetherness time. He said he loved it, but I'm sure I forgot to prepare him for that. Whoops!

My family all went to the same Catholic grade school and church growing up. The Christmas Eve mass was always beautiful, and I was feeling extra nostalgic. I asked the family to go to the Christmas Eve mass, and they all agreed. Probably because last year was an epic fail on my part. I always choose where we go to church, because I'm the one who wants to go. So last year we went to a church that I go to from time to time. It was hilarious from the start. People were falling, things were on fire, bad singing…hilarious. The family was happy we weren't going back there.

We had to leave extra early to get a seat for the 4:30 service. We all got a seat, and we were settling in, when a lady came over and said, "Seats taken." You should've seen the look on my mother's face. Priceless.

Craig and I sat in the pew behind my mother and everyone. The lady I sat next to was magical. Her name was Tina. She was beautiful, and her only son was in town from New York. He was getting ready to move to LA. The couple only had one son, because Tina had a kidney transplant right after he was born. Yes, this was within the first eight minutes of sitting together. What? People like to talk to me! Honestly, it was a joy meeting her.

The rest of the holiday was wonderful. I even got to hang out with my baby cousins who call me Aunt Gina. I love that so much. It makes me smile every single time they say it. It blows my mind that my cousin has two children. They are adorable. And I'm starting to like them equally now that the younger one is talking. The first born stole my heart, and now her younger brother has the other half.

I'm on my high from family bliss, and I realize the time has come. I hear Rocky’s theme song in my ear, and I'm getting pumped for round one. The one-on-one battle with resistance. All I can think is that I will crush resistance. I don't know if you know this about writers, but our hardest job is actually making ourselves sit down to write. That goes for everything and everyone. The hardest part of making your dreams come true is finding the time to sit and think about what our dreams actually are. Or you have a dream, and the hardest part is sitting down to figure out the next step to make it happen. My boyfriend and I have a delightful acronym we like to use. MSH… Making Shit Happen. Pretty powerful and not the Queen's English!

I am feeling divinely guided to share my dreams, and how I am going to accomplish them, with you. When I first started my quest for a mentor or teacher to help me develop my gifts, every door was locked. No one was wanting to help me and that was my first taste of gasoline to fuel my purpose. I said that when I can, I will have a place for spiritual people to be curious, learn, connect, deepen their connection, and be guided.

The workshop is the "Foundation of Connecting” and will be Saturday January 30, 2016. It’s an all-day, intensive workshop with teachings on genetic bloodlines, how to access and connect with the spirit world anytime anyplace, how to get clarity, understanding how your mind works, and feeling the spirit world in a new beautiful way. It's time to dig in and get curious about your soul and see what's holding you back. These teachings took my mediumship from “I'm not sure what I'm really doing or who I'm talking to” to “I am completely confident in every single reading and my evidence is spot on.”

I feel very passionate about sharing what I've learned. The spirit world is dying to connect to their loved ones through a medium. Yes, you may laugh at my dark humor pun. More and more people are coming to me saying they have had experiences and know there is more to it. They know they are a spiritual person but it's scary to them or they are unsure. I don't do the scary stuff at all, by the way.

Searching for a deeper meaning in your life is such a natural thing to want for yourself. Let me tell you, there is nothing like being part of a miracle. So I think starting at the beginning and truly understanding yourself and the spirit world is the perfect foundation.

My dream is to be myself.

Journey within my soul constantly and learn everything about it.

Take my Mediumship to the next level and reach more people.

Fill my days with private readings and group readings and teach workshops.

Write and publish a book on my learnings and teachings.

Create a business with a mission to guide people to their own soul, spirituality, and purpose.

Those are my dreams! I have taken the next step to make it happen. I opened up more time to do readings, I created a workshop, and I'm sending the workshop proposal to centers all over the country. My intention has been sent out to the world. The seeds have been planted. I took the next step. Now it's your turn.

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