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M is for...Messages from the Spirit World

Do you ever have a case of the Mondays on a Saturday? Holy moly. Well let me explain my weird state. I always talk about rainbows and puppies, but real life hit me. It smacked me in my face and said “Hello, you're now dealing with 30-year-old-adult problems.” I decided a couple of months ago that I needed more time to do readings and focus on sharing my spiritual abilities. I stay consistently busy every day of the week, and Saturday is my shortest day, in terms of hours. So naturally, that was the day I chose.

I also naturally had a melt down when I started telling my clients at the salon that Saturday would no longer be available. My melt down consisted of a week long migraine, I never get head aches by the way, and I missed a guidance session with one of my regulars. I meet with this woman every week and guide her with her spiritual gifts and development. While my brain was melting down, I was rushing to an emergency yoga practice, and she was ringing my doorbell. Let me tell you, that one shocked the hell out of me. Don't worry. She forgave me, and I forgave myself as well.

Since I was a teenager, I have battled depression and anxiety. I have tried every medication known to man, and it always had the reverse effect on me. It made me worse. I had no other choice but to go holistic. I have become the master of my own mind, and over the years I've gotten stronger and stronger. I know now that some of what I was dealing with had to do with me being a medium and feeling things very deeply. Depression is so real, though. My life is nothing to be depressed about people. I am very lucky to be where I am, and depression still hits me sometimes. When it does, I go into self care mode. Hence the emergency yoga practice and drop everything attitude.

I had committed to being involved in a Spiritualist message service Saturday evening. Basically, it's a really cool spin on a church service. It contains real life spiritual philosophy and mediums on stage. The mediums bring through passed-on loved ones and give the audience messages. Like what I did at Arthur Findlay. Picture this… migraine, yoga, have to put on a happy face for the service, and I missed my boyfriend. Yep, I was being a baby. I almost texted the person in charge to cancel doing the service three times. Thank God I didn’t. I really stand my word to the best of my ability. That's all you have to offer, really. So I went to yoga, enjoyed my practice, talked to my boyfriend, and got ready to serve for the spirit world.

I got myself out of the way so that a higher power could make a miracle happen. I stood in front of the audience with another medium to do a double link. That's when two medium connect with the same spirit. I brought through a man that had a strong connection to animals. I described what seemed to be a tan uniform and described his ranch-style house. He was very loud and clear that he only wanted to talk about animals. After the service, the woman whom I gave the message to, told me the reason why this man was so connected to animals. This was her birth father, and he could communicate with animals, and so could she. This blew my mind. Pretty cool.

My grandfather passed away maybe five years ago, and he is my biggest fan. He “comes through" any chance he gets. I wasn't surprised when a medium started channeling him during the service. Lily, the medium who also has two other names, gave clear, perfect evidence that it was him. I remember her describing a type A personality, labels, and everything having its place. My papa had everything labeled and color coordinated. Everything. All his sweaters, shorts, decorations. It's what he's known for! He came through with a message that brought me to tears. The message was “Everything will be okay. I know you are going through a hard time right now, and it will get better. The bumpy road will turn into a field of flowers. Just be patient.” Having the day I had, those words of comfort meant the world to me. No one knew what was going in my life. I know my grandfather watches over me. I talk to him all the time. It was so special to hear it come out of someone else's mouth and know it's real. Emotions were present because I work really hard supporting others and being of service. The message gave me the encouragement I needed.

It was a lovely service. I'm happy that I could serve and deliver a message that night. You never know how impactful it can be. It's an honor to be able to do this in my readings, and you know you don't have to do it alone. It's the kind of support that you can't get from a living person. I can help you feel the presence of your loved ones again and feel your own soul. No more feeling alone my friend.

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