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Home Is Where My Mom Is

My first week back home was an adjustment. I had trouble putting into words exactly how I was feeling. I felt anxious, very sad, and I felt like I was in need of something.

I had just had the most magical, spiritual, soul awakening experience. Now I was home, working and doing normal living. You see, I spent two weeks in a world that felt so good and free. I didn't worry about anything. Every minute of every day I was training, which meant I was with the spirit world. I spent all of my time talking to my passed loved ones and talking with others' passed loved ones. It was beautiful, and I'm getting emotional as I write about it. To see people long to talk to their mother or father and finally getting to...How do I go back to my life and live the same way? The answer is you don’t.

My belief system shifted from everything I thought I believed to holy moly, I don't know squat. One day halfway through the second week, I was able to sit back and watch a connection take place. One medium stood in front of the group to give a message. In the medium world, that's called being on platform. Like what the Long Island Medium does when she comes to The Palace or The Brown Theatre. Or like what John Edwards did on his show, Crossing Over.

The medium stands onstage and gives messages to the audience. The medium on platform brought through a spirit for someone in the audience. The medium was giving such good, detailed evidence that the woman receiving the messages started to get emotional.

This experience was like an insider's point of view for how to live life. It showed me how special life is and that love is the only thing that matters. Not one spirit has come through saying that they wished they drove a better car, wished they had a bigger house, or anything of that sort. You know what they say more times than not? "I'm okay," "I love you," and "I'm sorry." Being in this business makes me want to be a better person and accomplish all my dreams, even if it's scary. Love, family, and relationships are what's important. Everything else is just stuff.

One important job a medium has when bringing through a spirit is evidence. Specific details of the spirit's life that the medium couldn't possibly know. That's the only way to prove that there is life after we leave our bodies. You will know it's your father coming through because of the evidence. So when your father says he's sorry he wasn't there all the time or he wished he would've played with you more, you can actually believe it's him, feel his presence, and heal from it. When that happens, it is so powerful and worth it.

Perfect example happened in my mediumship development group Monday evening. First, you have to know the backstory. Last Tuesday, my mother comes into the salon to get her hair done. She starts talking about her boyfriend. He moved to Florida a few months ago for a job, so they've been having a long distance relationship. That's something I know all about, since I've been in a long distance relationship myself for this past year. My mother tells me that she is ready to move and be there with her partner. First initial reaction is overwhelming joy because my mother deserves this more than anyone I know. My second reaction is I can't imagine a life without being able to drive to my mom's house in twenty minutes. Thank God I taught her how to use Skype!

Life is shifting and I'm ready. I've done a lot of thinking about moving since my honey lives in another state, and it's been an ongoing theme of home is where the heart is. I actually just had a gift made with that exact quote.

It doesn't matter which direction we choose in life. Either way is the right decision. So in my development group, my grandmother came through with beautiful evidence of her favorite flowers, aged skin, and specific stove she cooked on. You know what her message to me was?...Her message to me was “home is where the heart is.” I couldn't believe it. Hearing that gave me courage and assurance for my new life and my family's new life. Courage of a lion.

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