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M is for....Marvelous

My new favorite word is Marvelous!

I got to sleep in my own bed Sunday night and it was marvelous. I’m just going to give it straight here. I’ve been in the country for two days, and I'm adjusting to real life. I will do my best to share as much of what I experienced at The Arthur Findlay College as I can. Finding your soul and feeling God for yourself can only be described in words that do it justice. I will be ready to share little by little as I process this life changing time.

I arrived in London late on a Wednesday night. I had booked a car to drive me to my hotel because I was scared, being a woman and by myself. I got to my hotel, checked in, and up I went to my room. I couldn't wait to Skype with Craig and, if I'm honest, my mother. I felt so tired and emotional. I had been wanting to go to Arthur Findlay for a long time. It was finally happening. I had two days to spend in London, then off to the school. ​

After my Skype dates, I realized my phone and laptop were dying. Fear set in. I had bought the wrong adapters. Breakdown number one happened. Oh bless me. New phrase from the British, by the way. Oh bless or oh bless her! It’s hilarious.

A man at the front desk helped me get the right adapters and the right money to use. Good Lord. Don’t worry. I had plenty of angels helping on this trip. Boy did I need it. I had serious thoughts that they were going to make a movie about my disappearance called Taken 4.

I had planned a full day tour of London the next day! Only I had to find my way to the pick up station by 7 A.M. that morning. Violet at the front desk must have felt bad for me. She ended up walking me the whole way to the pick up spot. Amazing angel. ​

I toured Stonehenge, Bath, and the Cotswolds counties. I even got to see the road sign for Bristol, which is where Craig was born. You know I love magic, but I felt nothing when I went to Stonehenge. I thought I was going to feel the force. Ha, I got nothing! ​

​​Let’s get to the moment I pulled up to Arthur Findlay. The good stuff. I pulled up to the estate in a taxi. The grounds, the marvelous extravagant sight. As my eyes took in everything, I realized I had seen it before in my dreams. It looked like Hogwarts meets Secret Garden. Beautiful old everything, rose bushes everywhere, and ​​horses. It is such a magical, healing environment. ​​​

​It was my first time at this school, and thank goodness I knew one person there, or I would've been lost. My accommodations were booked to stay in the annex building across the garden from the main house. I had a shared room with a bathroom the first week. My roommate was lovely, Shirley from Canada. I never had the go-to-college roommate experience, so this was a first for me, and I loved it.

There were people there from all over the world. Germany, Italy, France, Austria, and Canada, just to name a few. We all had to fill out a questionnaire describing our level of experience with the spirit world and what we wanted to work on. I was put in a group with Mavis Pittilla. I had no clue who she was and how excited I should've been. Any time someone asked me whose group I was going to be in, they were speechless and blown away when I told them. Mavis Pittilla is the matriarch around there. She is in her mid-seventies, an elegant English woman, with overflowing knowledge. She is the best Medium that I have ever had the honor of meeting and learning under.

​Our first day with Mavis, she spent the whole day explaining genetics and mediumship. How they actually do go hand in hand. She explained that we were each put into families with the right genetic makeup. Our experiences throughout our whole life have guided us and prepared us for mediumship. With that one sentence, I felt as if my life made sense. I have had a very blessed life, don't get me wrong, but I have also had many, many trying, painful times. I feel as if through my life, I have been given a little taste of every pain life has to offer. I am still acquiring them, only in different ways now. From a young age, I’ve had an understanding of compassion. Taking a walk in someone else's shoes. Each event grooming me to be prepared emotionally and physically for my work. ​

Being a medium isn't just about me talking to your mother or grandfather who has transitioned into the spirit world. It’s about showing you, with evidence, that they are still with you. Still loving you and guiding you. They aren't up in heaven strumming a harp and eating cotton candy all day. The moment this dawned on me, it brought me to tears. I had thought that I would have an endless supply of cotton candy that magically appeared whenever I wanted it. Spirit is around us all the time, every second, and they have a job to help us, and we have a job to help them.

In a previous post, I said I was going to write a series dedicated to fear. Well, what do you think went through my mind when I learned that I wasn't getting a harp when I died? That when I transition to the spirit world, I will have a job to do? What does it mean that your soul still lives? Everything that I learned growing up doesn't make sense with what I'm seeing with my own eyes. It’s different. It’s better, actually. I can’t even refer to dying or death in the same way I once did. How on earth do I write about this?

I will write about God, death, and the spirit world. I will use my words carefully. I have two goals: one, to know my soul and all its imperfect perfection; two, to be a light so that you may have the same knowledge.

And that was only day one at the Arthur Findlay house…

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