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M is for Mary Lucille & Replacing "Weird" with "Magic"

This week has been so magical and unbelievable. My client and friend, Lucy, is a freaking angel!!! She is the one who gave me the extra push I needed to sign up for yoga teacher training and has given me another special gift that has changed everything.

About a month ago, Lucy sent me a new client. We totally hit it off and I learned that she is a creative genius with technology. I asked her, rather begged her, to help me with my website. We met for coffee to talk about my vision, and she just brought the heat. She was throwing out brilliant idea after brilliant idea. This chick was dreaming big for me. Ideas I hadn't even come up with yet. All in effort to support my goal of helping as many people as I can. She is hilarious and beautiful. The perfect person to help me with this adventure. We shall call her Gail!

Now that's sparkly magic.

I talk about my magic all the time, and it all stems from my girlfriend, Brooke. A couple of years ago, I had her over to catch up and to tell her about my trip to Lily Dale. She was the first person to hear the amazing “you're a medium” story. Shortly after that hangout session, we both started getting flooded with weird experiences. It would go on all day, coincidences that couldn't be explained. At this point, I had little to no knowledge about spirits, twin flames, clairvoyance, or anything. We would call each other constantly and tell our weird stories of what happened to us that day. It got to the point that we used the word weird so often it almost sounded negative.

What's a girl to do but transform a negative word into a positive one, right? We stopped using the word weird all together and replaced it with a much better one. Magic.

A friendship between two women is a phenomenal thing. Brooke is a quite bit younger than me, taller, and has super blonde hair. To look at us, we wouldn't have much in common. In reality we can literally not see or talk to each other for months, yet still love each other like sisters. I'm so grateful to know her and to have that connection.

My magical experiences connecting with passed loved ones are really great. It blows my mind and it's unbelievable to say the least. Connecting with the souls here, in my own community of family and friends, there is only one descriptive word. Magical.

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