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Learn to Polish Your Soul

I had this wonderful experience over Labor Day weekend.

I traveled to my home town in upstate NY to get grounded and study. I took a three day course with the brilliant John White. That's right, my medium was teaching this course in LilyDale. If you remember, John gave me my first reading and confirmed I was a natural medium 2 1/2 years ago.

I randomly got on LilyDale's website after having dinner with fellow yogis from Buffalo. I saw that he was

teaching five different courses and I immediately signed up. I called my Aunt Susie (who is sometimes called by

her real name Lucia) to see if she wanted to be my wingman. My Aunt is an amazing woman who is also my

Godmother. Godmothers are chosen to take care of you if anything happens to your parents and guide you on your spiritual journey. So of course she joined me on this adventure.

I was very excited to go back home and see my family. My dad lives out in the country where he grows all of his own fruits, vegetables, and hunts his own meat. Pretty cool guy! The wisdom it takes to do that is a whole different post. I told my dad upfront that this is a working trip and not our usual visit. It took some reiterating once I was up there.

The funniest thing happened the first night of the classes. My aunt and I were standing outside the building talking to a classmate. We introduced ourselves, and when our classmate went back through our names, she said, “Now you're Lucia and you are Carla?” I just busted out laughing and couldn't stop because I had introduced myself as Gina. I replied, “Carla is my mother’s name. Well done. You must be psychic!” I reminded her my name was Gina and giggled to myself some more, and that was the start of my weekend surrounded by psychics and mediums.

Aunt Susie was actually really good! Shocked the hell out of herself. I was asked to stand up in front of everyone and give a past life regression reading. I did so well on the first one John asked me to stay up and give two more. It made me feel really good and boosted my confidence. Confidence is the hardest thing in this business. The first lesson I learned in connecting to spirit is that what I was seeing and experiencing is real and I'm not making it up. I really liked remote viewing. That's the technique a medium uses to help the cops find missing people. Medical intuition, let's just say, I’ll be doing a lot of this. I’ve practiced this quite a bit. I am the youngest in my family and they never listen to my advice. I always think to myself, Hello I told you that six months ago!!! I love them anyway.

When the weekend workshops were complete, I had a reading done with John. I was sitting and listening with different ears than I had two years prior. I have come such a long way since our first meeting. I was so innocent to this spiritual world and didn't even know the meaning of most words used. I had been through a very emotionally toxic and soul crushing relationship. Good riddance and I dodged a whole case of bullets there. I had completed my 200hr RYT, made new lifelong friends, found a mentor that helped me connect to spirit for the time, belong to a mediumship development group, fell in love with a man who has the kindest heart, and I turned 30. At the end of our session John gave me very precious words. He said “You are holding a golden nugget in the palm of your hand. It symbolizes your spiritual gifts. You already have everything that you need. You just need to learn to polish it.”

In just a few weeks I will be traveling to The Arthur Findlay College, the world's foremost college for the advancement of Spiritualism and psychic sciences, in Essex, England. That just means this place is the real deal and it looks like Hogwarts. Seriously, look it up, it really does. I'll be there staying on campus for two weeks of intensive training with the best mediums in the world. Totally just heard the Pinky and The Brain song writing that sentence. It will be sunup to sundown immersion refining my gifts and learning new techniques. Every time I think about it, it gives me butterflies. I can't believe THIS is my life. Top it all off, my course starts on Halloween, so classic.

I am in full prep mode for my training. I need to focus on self care and create a constant morning ritual. I had to take a leave of absence from teaching yoga until after I get back. I love teaching with all my heart but I filled my plate with all these wonderful things and it got too heavy. Working full time at the salon, teaching yoga twice a week and leading their assisting team, mediumship development group, spiritual guidance clients, and a long distance relationship. Oh wait, can't forget my little fur princess Opal needs attention. I knew I needed to start taking care of myself. I felt dis-ease entering my body. I learned while in LilyDale how important morning rituals are. I needed time to meditate, focus, and prepare myself for Arthur Findlay. Hello, I have to be ready for Hogwarts.

I am getting back into my daily meditation practice, I've started writing again, I have time to walk opal… I have even had time to meet my family for dinner and do a little yard work myself. I'm sitting on my back patio listening to the trees blow in the wind and I'm reminded that mediumship is my destiny, my soul's purpose to serve. I make jokes and make things lighthearted but I do take this seriously. I don’t want to be a jack of all trades master of nothing. This is my gift and it's meant to be shared. So it's my job to focus and do the work. It's my journey to polish my golden nugget. Follow me on this adventure and learn to polish your soul.

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