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Medium Problems

My aunt Susie called me after reading my last post. Her voice took on a serious tone, and she bluntly asked about the secret job of my ex. I felt so loved in that moment. The aunt I'm talking about is also my godmother whom I've mentioned in a previous post. Her love is unconditional, never judgmental. So she just listened to my words flowing like water. Then we both broke out in laughter pertaining to the subject. We do a very good job making fun of ourselves. She is so special and dear to me.

Mid-laughter, in her strong New York accent, she asked how I came up with the name of my blog. Then it hit me. She was the reason I came up with it.

The July 4th weekend I traveled to New York to meet my half-sister, the same weekend I received my first mediumship reading from John White, my aunt Susie gave me a gift. She was with me that whole weekend being my support and my rock. We were sitting on her back deck, because she wanted me to go through a box of jewelry from a great aunt who had passed away. We slowly went through everything. I didn't feel comfortable doing this because I barely knew this great aunt, vaguely remembered having met her a few times as a child. So Aunt Susie selected a few items for me. One of them happens to be the reason for my blogs name and the start of connecting to the dead.

**Side note, problems I'm having with being a medium and the medium world: I hate all the stupid phrases mediums use. Connecting with spirit, connecting with a passed loved one, talk to the dead! Isn't there a normal hippie, down-to-earth way to say that I can communicate with souls that have left their bodies, without sounding like a total lunatic? I mean, come on, I'm a little hippie, but relatively normal 30-year-old woman. Maybe our society needs a few more years for that! Medium problems.**

Back to the gift. I was given a gold bracelet with an "M" dangling from it. The M stood for Mary. That was my great aunt’s name. Without skipping a beat our eyes met, and aunt Susie said, "M is for medium." I could see my book cover as clear as day! M's started coming from everywhere. I met so many people soon after that with M names that I started using M words like magic. It’s to the point now that I use it as a sign of encouragement connecting me to my guides.

This past Saturday was my first time in the public eye as a medium. You could say it was a big "coming out of the closet" moment. My mentor Suzanne at the Intuitive Connection put the event together. I stood behind the podium and played host for this two-hour event.

My day started at 6 AM with an out-of-town gig. I had previously booked a 10-person wedding party in Bardstown Kentucky to do hair and makeup. I felt so supported by angels and guides and, on the other side family, the whole day. It started with the drive. I saw a truck with a blue star on the back of it. That's my own personal symbol for being a medium. The second sign was that the mother of the groom had a tattoo on her lower arm. It seemed an interesting placement for a woman of 50. So I asked her about it. The tattoo was of a self-portrait her daughter had painted. The woman got it tattooed on herself after her daughter passed away four years ago.

It's weird but I just felt loved and supported by that. Did I mention one of my soul sisters was with me doing hair that day? We are good friends who share a love for magic.

Standing on stage, microphone in hand, I glanced to my right to see my family. They had come to be supportive but also because they knew they had no other choice in the matter! I stood there, calm, and my hands didn't shake. How was it possible that I actually felt calm? Like Valium calm, but naturally. When it was my turn to connect and give messages to the audience, what I said felt profound. The details I gave were very evidential. It's important to me to say things that I couldn't possibly know but that were factually certain for others in the room. To me that's how you know it's real. And I was able to do that.

My dream is coming true, and all my effort is for a reason. This work takes a lot of effort. It takes time, education, dedication, strength, and a strong will to serve and help others. I feel like the luckiest woman I know being able to do this.

I have to say it was probably the biggest moment in my life thus far. Standing onstage, having my mother witness me doing mediumship and seeing that I'm actually good. I just wanted to yell, "Look mom no hands."

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