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Every morning when I meditate, I ask to be given clear guidance from the universe. I ask to be clearly guided in a direction, whether it be about my relationship, yoga practice, or about helping clients, or how to be of service. I have learned through my meditation practice how to feel the force that drives my life. It always leads me exactly where I need to be.

We are said to be the authors of own lives. There is an option to play the lead role, or if we have self love issues, sometimes we become the best supporting actress. Each person writes their own story and each of us are on a different chapter.

This past fall I decided I didn't like where my story was heading. Have you ever had a situation arise and suddenly it hits you, this is not what I want my life to look like? Five years from now I will feel alone and so unhappy. How did this happen? I had a mind blowing moment where everything just made sense. Life is meant to be lived with love. It is a waste to be stressed, feel not good enough, and to cry every night. With that one desperate moment, I knew I had to change my path. I transformed my ordinary mundane world into a magical surreal experience everyday.

One amazing, normal day, a client told me she was going to Spain to get her certification to teach yoga. I was completely excited and super jealous. I didn't even know she did yoga. How could I have missed this connection?

Since my first yoga class 9 years ago, I've wanted to teach. This converstion sparked a fire in my being. She told me it was something she had always wanted to do and she was going for it. It was that simple. My next thought I told myself is that if she can do it, I can do it. I fed off her bravery. A week went by and a long-time client comes in to get her hair cut. I told her about this inspiring story. Her face lights up and she tells me about another client who is opening a yoga studio nearby. To top it off, they are holding a teacher training program starting in a few months. The universe had started to speak.

A little more time goes by and my client who is opening the yoga studio needed her hair done. Of course I asked her about the good news. I just needed to ask my favorite yoga instructor, who I trusted, where she thought I should go for my training. Guess what direction she pointed me in? Later that afternoon I recieved a random text from my long-time client. I couldn't believe my eyes, she was promising to sign up for the program if I did. All the arrows pointed to one thing and one thing only. I was going to get my certification to teach yoga.

I had no idea at the time, but my teacher training was going to be my solid foundation toward transformation and a world of magic I didn't know existed...

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