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Visited In My Dreams

All has settled down with the house and I am on my to LilyDale! Once upon a time I used to have the most magical experiences in airports. It was while I was with my ex Craig and traveling back and forth to DC. Then as the stress from the relationship started to infiltrate the magic dissipated. I am please to report the magic has crept back in this leg! I got my magic back!

It all stared Wednesday. I woke up I grabbed my brand new iPhone 8 and looked to my saved voicemails. I frequently listen to a message my Aunt Cathy left me two weeks before she passed. It brings me comfort sometimes to hear her voice. I then realized my saved voicemails didn't transfer over with the new phone. My heart dropped and my eyes welled up with tears. I lost her voice forever. I hear what you're thinking. Why does a medium need a voicemail to hear her Aunts voice? Can’t you just talk to her anytime you want? The answer is yes, yes I can. I am also human and needed that connection, you know.

I spent the rest of the morning getting ready for work and being sad about the lost voicemail. It was then the signs started to come in.

Back story: A few days after my Aunt’s passing I saw a white truck with a big blue C and D on it. Her name was/is Cathy Dutschke. It was a tiny sign that she was with me. I took a picture of the truck and sent it to my family. Several of us have seen it since and send a pic of the truck when ever it happens. I occasionally see this work truck whenever I need a reminder that all is well.

Driving on my way to work Wednesday morning, there it was. The truck with the big blue C and D! I couldn't believe it. I went on with my day working and getting ready for my flight the next day. I knew she was with me and guiding me. I could feel her presence. She was helping me know that it’s okay to let go and I didn't need that voicemail anymore.

I woke up at 6:30 Thursday morning and begged myself to go back to sleep. My Aunt came and visited me in my dreams. She knew I needed it. Can you believe it?

In my dream I was at my mothers house. I was waiting for my mother and Aunt to arrive. It was cold outside, I could see the winter coats and the fog of their breath. I was jumping up and down and waving my arms from side to side. My mother entered the front door first and Aunt Cathy was behind her. I embraced her, she looked at me, and then said, “No kisses.” I was so excited to see her that I accidentally woke myself up. I laid there and thought about what she said to me and what I thought it meant. “No kisses.”

My Italian family greeting is a kiss on the right cheek and a hug right after. But if we are sick we announce we aren't well and keep our distance. My family is a bunch of germaphobes, so funny! Was she trying to tell me to focus on my health since I was going to be traveling? Airports are germ filled places. Or was she not doing well in the spirit world? Non the less I was amazed and grateful for her visit. It means the world to me.

I made it to Buffalo with all the northern accents and red white and blue Buffalo Bills everything. It felt so good! I also got my answer to what my Aunt was trying to tell me in my dream.

I was staying on the curb looking for my ride and the temperature had dropped to a crisp 60 something. I am a coffee and sunshine girl, not a breeze and snow girl. My Aunt Susie pulled up and got out of the car to greet me. I hugged and kissed her then realized she is sick as a dog. My dream was telling me that my Aunt was going to be sick. I just smiled and said thank you silently to my sweet Aunt Cathy for her visit.

I am awaiting my workshop that starts this evening. I can’t help but reflect on my last workshop I attended in England. It was seven months after my Aunt passed and it was really hard to communicate with spirit with my own grief going on. Now that the brunt of it has subsided, this workshop should be very intense and exciting. I am ready now.

One of my Tudors from England is teaching how to expand and tell the story of the person in spirit. For those who have had a reading by me, you know I am accurate, compassionate, and very on point. This workshop for me is to be with my people, my fellow medium people. Just like any other trade you should always strive to your best. Im very excited for the people getting readings next week when I get back.

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