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5 Steps To Create Your Dreams...

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Building my business is going great! I’m following my instincts and intuition, going where I’m led. Staying present, flexible, and focusing on being of service. I have so many things that are in development right now and I cant wait to post the dates and events I have planned.

Lets get personal. I’m very perspective, notice energy, and watch the flow of my life often. The past couple weeks I’ve seen a certain type of person being drawn to my services. Women that have come to a cross roads on their life and want to know which direction they should go. As well as women that have an amazing idea for a business but just need guidance or inspiration.

I am going to give you the steps I use in my own life to conquer fears and reach your dreams.

Crossroads: Which way do I go?

1) Sit quietly and journal about the crossroads that is taking place in your life. Get all of your feelings out. Use bad language, get angry, feel love or joy. What ever needs to be expressed get it out of you. Expression is sometimes the hardest part.

2) Think about both decisions. Try on what each decision feels like in your body. If you choose option number 1 does it make you anxious or happy? The same with option number 2. Use your barometer to see which decision feels better in your body. Make your choice on which option makes you happier. Plan and simple my friend.

Build it and they will come!

Build it or don’t, they will still come. Once you set an intention to fulfill your heart’s desire the universe conspires to make it a reality. Your wish is my command.

This is an example from a dear client-

Angela made me a wonderful blend of healing bath salts. I usually take a detox bath every other day, so I was very grateful for this gift. Each bath I took, my psychic senses kicked in and started coming up with ideas and inspiration surrounding these new salts. I really enjoyed the bath salts and thought it would make a great business. A 'himalayan salt meditation cave' recently opened here in Louisville. Bingo, what about blending himalayan salt with essential oils for the detox blend. That was only one of my ideas.

Angela and I had a coffee date set up in a few days and I was ready to spill all that I had in my visions. We sat for an hour and I intuitively connected in with ideas for her company. The amazing part is that a lot of the ideas she had already had on her own so it was confirmation she was on the right track. Inspiration and guidance are key.

I love this part of my job! I intuitively guide you to create your business and give assessments to existing businesses. Creating your dreams together is all about igniting your inner fire. I guide you in the direction your heart wants you go. I tune into you and future possibilities to see what is. Just face it, I’m blunt, Italian, and I don't like to waist time. Do not hire me if you are procrastinator, we wont get along if you know what I’m saying. I help create dreams and revitalize the thirsty ones. Creativity meets Mediumship. Boom.

1) Let go of fear, boundaries, and limitation (Breath and let it go, you are open to every possibility)

2) Set your intention: What is your ultimate dream?

What do you really want? If you could blink and be anything in the world what would it be?Ask the universe, God, or spirit world for help with this. Ask for your transition to come with ease and as graceful as possible. Or what needs to be transformed in your existing life to fulfill your needs? List the things you want to change.

3) What are the steps you need to take to get there? (Create a list of your steps)

4) With each step, create a plan of action and schedule.

This means each step has a plan with actions you need to take to accomplish that step and a set due date in which you will have the work completed.

Buy a large paper calendar so you can see the whole month and the work that needs to be done. If you don't schedule the time to do the work it will always stay in limbo.

5) Have a celebration date for when the work is completed! Celebrate your little successes. With each step celebrate, you are closer than you ever dreamt possible.

Remember that happiness will not arrive when this goal is achieved. These goals are usually set in place to create happiness in our everyday life of self expression and living a soulful life. Create gratitude in every moment because you create every moment. It is a choice and the choice is yours. “May the odds ever be in your favor!” Sorry had to quote hunger games, it seemed appropriate.

If you need guidance email me and I would be happy to help.

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