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There Is No Other Way

Family movie day watching Zombie Beavers! Are you kidding me? They actually made a movie about beavers becoming zombies. If your mind went straight to collages girls swimming naked in a lake being attacked by zombie beavers, you are correct and very creative. I wouldn't change my family for anything, but I might change their movies picks. So it’s a perfect time to reflect on this past weekend.

Years ago, I had a really hard time finding a teacher willing to take the time to explain and teach mediumship to me. I swore that if I ever got to a place where I was confident enough to teach, I would. I recently started having people ask about classes and mentoring on psychic/mediumship. One sign led to the other, and before I knew it, it was time to put thoughts into action.

I prepared for this workshop for a long time. Every free moment, I combined materials from my different teachers, all of my favorite exercises, every journal and paper, the things that helped me along my way. I had two objectives and one intention. My objectives were to share what I know and help each person connect with their soul and spirit world. My one intention was to be of service in whatever way I was needed. It was an emotional moment watching it all come together. We started with philosophy and foundation of Spiritualism and went straight into partner work. Each person that attended was able to access their connection to passed loved ones. They even worked with blindfolds on. They were brilliant.

I had two of my Aunts come to town for this workshop. I couldn't have been more proud than to teach and lead them myself. To share this with my family, it's priceless. It was such a beautiful experience to see how naturally they connected. Icing on the cake, my mother was my wing man and took care of all the behind-the-scenes muscle work! She is unbreakable. Couldn't have done it without her. I left the workshop feeling humbled, grateful, and eager to teach more. Three more workshops on the calendar!

My mother said something that was so honest and vulnerable that day. She said something to the effect of she didn't fully support me in my mediumship until she knew I was serious about it. Recalling a memory of a Skype conversation whilst in England, she felt that I was changing. When I got home I had told her I was having a hard time adjusting, and it was then when she knew that my life would be dedicated to this work. It meant the world to me hearing this from her lips.

So I’m sitting here writing and waiting for the lasagna to be cooked, watching movies with the most important people in my life. For the people who aren't present on this couch, they are present in my heart, and I carry you with me always. Fully supported from family and the universe. Following my dreams and being true to myself. There is no other way.

My Workshop Group


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