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Super Soul Dinner

Saturday night and I’m late for my Super Soul Dinner.

My friend and life coach, Laura, hosted a beautiful night for us ladies to eat healthy food, be served, have supportive amazing conversation, and really create a space for women to connect.

Side note. There is a cat outside my front door that sounds like a screaming baby. Whoa.

Back to my story. I was running late. I hadn't gotten all dolled up in a while, and I wanted to feel really pretty. It wasn't happening. I looked at the clock, and it was time to leave. I only had my makeup finished, which looked really good because I took more than five minutes to do it. I had to tell myself that I wasn't leaving until I felt comfortable. I curled my hair only to leave with it in a ponytail. I couldn't believe I was thirty minutes late for this important dinner that I had been looking forward to. I was the most bummed because I didn't have time to stop and get a lottery ticket. Who was the culprit to blame in this situation? Her name is Flow, Auntie Flow.

The dinner was exactly what I needed. After our meal we all went to the living room. The robust discussion was about living to your edge. I automatically thought that I was doing everything on my “edge." I always push myself and follow my heart. I have created my website and blog, started my Mediumship practice, traveled to England for training, and developed a workshop series to teach Mediumship and Spirituality. That's pretty daring. I felt like I was missing out on the whole edge thing.

I listened to the other women talk about dialing back and not doing so much, being easier on themselves while they go through a difficult time, or gearing up and letting your lady balls go full swing.

It hit me. My edge hit me. What happened to fun? I started my career straight out of high school and never stopped. I just wanted to take care of myself and have an apartment. That was my only dream. I didn't know to want anything else. Coming from a single mother of three, you can understand the only thing I thought to strive for was financial success. My mother is an unbreakable soul, and she has taught me everything.

I have created a such magical life past that 500 sqft apartment. Through Mediumship and my soul, I know the only thing that is important is love. I didn't have time back then to focus on family, fun, vulnerability, or writing! So that is my edge my friend. I am going to dedicate this year of 2016 to Finding My Bliss.

At the dinner Saturday night, we were given a small silver frame with a quote and an inspirational painted stone. One quote read “Ask yourself what is really important and then have the wisdom and the courage to build your life around your answers.” My stone read “Accept or Change.” Both of these resinate with me to my core. Looks like we have ourselves a theme for the new year.


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