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Love, Love, Love

Once upon a time, this true love story happened…

November 26, 2014

The dream started in a bedroom. The older woman in the dream looked at me and got close. She looked like she didn't have a nose. She said, “It looks like you are hurting.” I replied, “I'm just sad.”

The woman sat down in a wooden chair and took out something that looked like an ouija board, only made of paper. A different younger woman to my right, sitting on the edge of the bed, said, “He is right there.” I looked at the bed and no one was there. Then a man started to appear. I looked to the woman and said, “Does he have a beard?” Excitedly, she replied "Yes."

I remember thinking that this was the first time I saw a spirit in my dreams. He was very cute, and I was instantly intrigued by him. He was sleeping, but then opened his eyes. He reached for his bag. One side was filled with a whole supply of cigarettes and the other side was filled art supplies, pastels and charcoal. The younger woman asked him if he was going to reincarnate soon. He said probably not.

The next scene was the older woman, the spirit that appeared, and I sitting at a picnic table. There was a festival going on. Huge crowd of people celebrating. A man gets lifted over everyone's heads. A moment later he grows beautiful white angel wings and ascends into the sky. Everyone was in awe.

December 5, 2014

I had signed up for a three day Baptiste Yoga workshop earlier in the summer. It was in Jacksonville, FL, and all I wanted to do was get away from my life. The past year had been really hard for me. I had been in a relationship in which I was lied to literally the whole relationship. I had only figured that out the day before this very workshop. I was happy that I was alone and ready to forget everything. I didn't know anyone but this yoga community is amazing and always makes you feel welcome. Yoga is my support system. Half way through the day we were doing partner work. I was paired with a hippy dude that had long grey curly hair. He was great, but his mat was soaked, and it was seeping through my pants. I was so grateful when they called "Switch," and I moved one mat to the right.

A guy was sitting in from of me, with his back towards me, listening to the teacher. He had a navy and white striped shirt on with long hair in a ponytail. The dude finally turned around to introduce himself, and I was shocked. I had heard this voice before. I knew this voice. It felt like some sort of recognition. Strange, I thought. Then, he complimented my smile. I was shocked again. It had been quite some time since someone said something so simple and sweet to me.

The rest of the weekend, I stayed away from him, consciously. I wanted to do yoga, and I was over boys. But I could see him out of my peripheral vision the whole time.

Our teacher was great! Very inspirational guy. He even had 11:11 tattooed on his arm, which sparked my interest. I had done a lot of research on soulmates and twin flames unions and 11:11 is a universal symbol for that. I know you've heard 11:11, make a wish. Google it if you're not familiar. Like a big dork, I asked my teacher about his tattoo. It was actually the time he was born.

The workshop came to an end, and I was walking to my car. I heard that voice that my soul recognized. I heard him say to another yogi, "Hey, have you seen so and so? He is supposed to give me a ride to the airport.” I thought that maybe I should offer him a ride. Then, my next thought was, no, I’ll see him there.

I got back to my hotel and had five or six hours before my flight, but I felt so restless. I kept feeling like I needed to go to the airport early. I tried to talk myself down and relax. Nothing would work. I kept feeling and hearing, go to the airport now. So I did it.

I packed up all my belongings and headed to the airport. I returned my rental car. I accidentally left my wallet in it. Thank God the worker yelled at me. I got to my gate and started to unwind. I looked at my gate. Gate A7. Hmm, there is actually an earlier flight, I wonder if there is room. This flight was going to the same connecting airport (Atlanta), only earlier. Same gate and everything. I walked up and asked the lady, but she said it was full. I sat back down and called my ex because he was watching my dog for me. Don't judge. That's a whole other blog post as to why that happened.

So I called him and he was being particularly rude and mean to me. I never understood why he was the way he was. He ended up hanging up on me, and I was crushed. How could I have been so stupid? I got my journal out, and I was writing my prayers. I was begging God and guardian angels to change my life. Change my life. I'm ready, please.

When I say begging, I really was. It was a deep, deep need to be helped, and in that moment, I heard my name. I looked up and there he stood. The guy that had complimented my smile and touched my soul.

We hugged, and he sat next to me. It ended up that we were flying out of the same gate. Gate A7. His flight was the earlier flight and mine was right after. What are the odds? We chatted like friends, making connections in our careers and such. His flight was boarding and he asked if I was on Facebook. I wasn't on Facebook, and he asked for my phone number. We said goodbye and safe travels. He walked to the flight attendant to board his plane, fumbling for his ticket. He turned, looked at me with a smile, and waved. Just like a scene out of a movie.

To be continued…

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