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M is for...Manifestation

Okay people, listen up! It's the end of the year, and we all need to avoid the winter blues. I can hear manifestation calling my name.

I spoke to my friend Savvon yesterday. Met him in England and we were in the same class. We became fast friends, and I respect him. Our conversation helped me so much. I was feeling yucky and isolated.

I’ve worked up amazing plans for spiritual development workshops, and I feel as if I'm being held back from outside sources from making the progress that I want. I'm ready to strike while the iron's hot and feeling divinely inspired.

I know where I'm headed with building my own business with my mediumship practice. I know everything I want to do, and I am open to things I don't know know yet. I'm making changes in my life to support my passion of helping people through spiritual guidance and mediumship. It feels right in my soul, and I've never felt stronger about something.

Then, in the midst of feeling my low energy moment, he reminded me of the oldest trick in the book. It's actually not a trick at all. It's manifesting: envision every aspect of your life and what you want it to look like. Then, you must create what it would feel like in your body.

The hardest part of manifesting is making the time to think about what you want in your life. Step one is create an hour in your schedule to sit and journal about your dreams. I know, I know. You're busier than everyone else because you have a full time job, ten kids, your husband makes you do everything, and no one understands, so you couldn't possibly take an hour out of your day to create a better life for yourself. If this last sentence rings a bell, then this post is especially written for you. Trust me. If you're doing all that, then you deserve an hour of quiet. I solute you.

This is your wake up call. Get ready to get your hands dirty. Journals out people.

  1. What do you want? What do you want your life to look like? (Dream big or small. It's your call.) Picture what you want your life to look like without any limitations. We all want to be rock stars, okay, but I know a lot of us don't have the voice for it! Seriously, think about what you really want for your life. If you had everything to make you feel complete, what would that look like? If this seems too broad for you, make a list of ten things you want in your life. Starting with number one being the thing you want first.

  2. Action, action. We want action. Take that list, we will call it “Top Ten Life List,” and write one action or step you can make to help you reach this goal. Welcome to your first step into reality. Help is not on the way. You control your life. You control what happens and what doesn't happen. Manifesting is magical and has no room for lazy.

  3. The feelings portion. For each thing you would like to manifest, think about these three words: offering, gratitude, and knowing. Think about what you have to offer the world. If this goal is reached, be grateful for the life you have. It's perfectly-imperfect. Then, create the feeling you would have if your goals were already achieved, and know that it is real. Knowing is different than believing.

You are worth it, and your dreams are real. All of our dreams are meant to come true or else we wouldn't have them. We all have different dreams for that reason. This can be a scary process, or this can be a fun one. Set your intention and enjoy.

One of my favorite books on this topic is The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, by Deepak Chopra. If I could gift this book to a million people, I would. It transformed my life, and I’ve only read it once. Marianne Williamson is a genius too.

Start living the life you want to live and let go of the life you don’t.

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