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Are You Psychic?

I was sitting on my back patio and witnessed the cutest thing. A neighborhood kitten came jogging through and had no clue my dog and I were back there. The kitten “Tux” first stopped and was completely shocked that I was sitting there. Then he was double shocked to see Opal in the yard playing. Tux stopped and watched Opal carefully, assessed the situation and crawled towards my fence. Leaping over with only a rustle of leaves and was miraculously unnoticed by my dog. Poor Opal had no clue on the fun she missed out on. It was pretty entertaining to watch.

This is the perfect example to explain how psychic information comes to you. You're out in the back yard playing or gardening enjoying the morning. Your attention gets drawn to a rustling of the leaves and think, “What was that?”

Information flows into your mind easily and you watch it all play out. Just like I watched the situation with my dog and neighborhood cat.

How do you know if you have the psychic gift? That’s easy, you do. You were led to this article and meant to read these words. We are all spiritual energy and capable of so much more than we can imagine. Communication with the divine is part of our nature. To get in touch with our nature we have to find our happiness. That doesn't mean a pet tiger and mansion. It means getting in touch with what sets us free. What makes us feel the most freedom. What keeps us from freedom is what clouds our experience and our divine nature.

So how do you develop your psychic abilities? This is where my tough love and blunt words will take place!

  1. Dedicate time to your development

  2. Find a community where you can learn in a group setting

  3. Heal the past

  4. Trust your gut

You can read a million books on this subject and it can help your development. I’ll let you in on a little secret though. Put the book down, sit quietly, and release everything that is clouding your mind. Yes, thats right. Learn to sit still for five minutes without your phone or interruptions. This gives your mind time to rest and stop working so hard. This will also reduce stress which is needed to allow information to flow. Slow down your day to day routine. But, Gina I can’t, I have 15 kids and soccer games! My point exactly people. You are the adult and you are the creator of your own life. Man up and change your ways.

Find a community for support. Find local classes or teachers that speak to you. If you are searching for a teacher and it doesn't feel good to you or it doesn't feel like the right fit, find a new teacher. Teachers and groups change and evolve over time. Don't feel bad over it. I have had many teachers along my journey and cycled through a couple for a second round. It is perfect. Know that what you need to seek is the most important and finding teachers that have that same outlook is just as important. Allow yourself to try new things. Somethings you'll like and others not so much. It will all lead you to knowing yourself more.

Heal your past. What does healing your past have to do with psychic development? Well, everything. If you have pain and negativity in your heart how can you be at peace. Creating a peaceful environment inside and out will help tremendously. If you are worried about drama with your family or friends you can’t focus on hearing divine messages. Everyone has a past of pain and healing. There is no time like the present to work through it. Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you.

Trust your gut. This is the most complex area. You have gone from having interest in development, finding a community for support, healing, and now trust. I have two words: Self Worth! Healing your past naturally leads to self worth. Self worth leads to personal power. My person power was nonexistent about five years ago and now it’s unshakable. I had to heal my past to understand why the hell things happened the way they did. Through that process I got pissed and powerful. I needed the anger to say, “I will never do this to myself again.” Second guessing your decisions will be a thing of the past if you learn to do this.

Trusting yourself is the key that unlocks the door to possibility.

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