Phone Sessions  


15 Minute Phone Session $75

30 Minute Private/Phone Session $149

email reading $65

Healing session $300

Gina is an Evidential Medium and a spot on psychic with future possibilities.  She brings through a beautiful connection of the person in spirit such as name, dates, memories, and their personality. You will feel their presence and feel like they are there. Your loved ones in spirit will come through with detailed evidence that it's really them and help you in your healing process. Gina looks into your past, present, and future situation. She assists in healing the past, clarify what is going on currently, and giving detailed future possibilities/predictions. In need of life direction, relationships, career, or finance? Gina is straightforward yet compassionate with her readings. The details Gina tells you will blow your mind. Connecting with your passed loved ones enables you to heal your grief and to feel their closeness once more.


Phone Session are just as powerful as being in person. 



Mediumship Development Mentoring 


60 Minute Session $150

(3) 60 Minute Sessions $450 or $850 (6) session

Mentoring on an individual basis for psychic/mediumship development and spiritual development. We start by setting up three to six sessions. I assess where you are in your development and work on your unique strengths. You will learn about: Energy, Auras, Meditation, Mediumship, Psychic ability, Shamanism, and how to set up your own spiritual business! 

To schedule your reading or mentoring visit the Book Online page