Common Questions 

-How much do you charge for a reading?

$60 for 15 minutes and $125 for 30 minutes 

-Will I hear anything negative?

Gina will never tell you anything negative, she prepares you for life challenges in a positive way.


-Gina is booked out way in advance, can I be added to a cancelation list?

Yes, when you book your appointment make sure in the message block that you would like to be added. 

-How does Gina get her information?

Gina connects to your loved ones in spirit and from your energy. As well as your spirit guides and angels.

-Where is Gina Located?

louisville Kentucky 

Salon & Spirit Spa 

11604 Main Street 

Middletown Ky 40243

-Should I prepare questions?

Yes you should but don't feel obligated to

-Why should I see a Psychic/Medium?

If you need help trusting your path and what life is throwing at you or to connect to a loved one in spirit. You will feel when the timing is right.

-I'm a christian, is seeing a medium bad?

Gina works with God doing Gods good works. Watch some her videos and you'll better understand. Gina was raised Catholic and now has knowledge from every religious background.