Gina's Certified Mediums

Here is a list of Gina's Mediums that she certified herself. Prices vary for every walk of life. Gina recommends every one of them for their own speciality!

Brittany Hill-Whitehead

Brittany is a Psychic/Medium and Spiritual Intuitive Healer


She was born and raised in her beloved town of Louisville Kentucky where she currently lives with her husband and two daughters, Laila and Kendall as well as her dog Sklya. 


After graduating high school, she attended the University of Louisville to pursue a degree in Music Composure and Business Marketing Management. Since 2013, she has worked as a Business Development Manager. 


She always felt different growing up and began to search for meaning to her unique, unexplainable experiences during her life, and what exactly she was being drawn to do.  She started seeking deep spiritual guidance where she eventually landed in a mentorship under Gina Scarpino.  It was at that time she realized her life path was to work with people on a spiritual, healing, and intuitive level.  Brittany's abilities are on point and is dedicated to delivering messages for healing and comfort to others through her readings. 


Brittany can deliver intense, spiritual messages through her connection with your loved ones, and can also offer insight into future possibilities in the areas of career, finance, travel, health, love and relationships. In addition, she also is a Reike Usui Shiki Ryoho Master and takes a Shamanic approach to life.


She offers readings in person at the Spirit Spa, virtually and over the phone.


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Zach Street


Zach Street is a Yogi, Astrologer, and Ayurvedic Practitioner. Using these tools to guide lifestyle, creates a space for himself and others to access spiritual insight and healing.

From direct experience of his own healing journey and training is equipped to support you on your healing journey"

 "My intention is to be a safe space for others to experience their own true self."  


You can book his services at his website

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Zach specializes in Diet, Lifestyle Coaching, Herbology, and Astrology"  


Zachary Street

E-RYT-200, NAMA Ayurvedic Practitioner


Laila Hill


Laila was born and resides in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.She is a Certified Psychic Medium currently developing her natural abilities under a mentorship with Gina Scarpino. Growing up she was always told she is an“old soul” and felt unique and sensitive to her surroundings. From a young age,she felt a bubbling energy within herself. Not initially understanding the true importance behind it, she began to search for what she was feeling. Identifying with the arts, both visual and musical, she uses art as a medium to explore and express herself.  During her schooling she has excelled academically and was reading at a college level by the 5th grade, often expressing her passions through journaling. Throughout her mentorship and growing into her abilities, she has recognized and harnessed that energy, and directs it into healing and guiding other people through intuitive readings. She is currently in high school for journalism and digital design and has also started working on College Credits in the National Advanced Placement Program. She is very creative, loves to draw and nurture and name her many plants



Providing Insight into future including love and relationships, health, finance, spirituality, career and travel Aura Readings, Drawings

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